The Use of Stimulants Among College Students

If we go to a campus ground today, we may think that we notice a constant hum. Many students have started to use stimulants that can boost their physical and mental conditions. In reality, it is a bad idea to become significantly depended on stimulants. Many students want to survive the long nights of study. There could also have high pressures to achieve high marks. This has caused many students to use the so-called study drugs that can provide them with the necessary boosts. From the seemingly harmful latte to prescribed stimulants; the use of these chemicals has reached a new height.

Caffeine is the most common stimulant used by students and it can be found in many sidewalk cafes. Highly caffeinated drinks could boost our mental and physical capacity for a short time. The amount of caffeine in drinks can vary. As an example, regular brewed coffee we get from McDonald’s usually contains less caffeine that Starbuck’s popular selections. In general, students shouldn’t get more than 300mg caffeine each day. Other energy drinks, such as NOS, Monster, Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy are known to contain high level of caffeine. They may also add extra chemicals into our system, such as taurine, ginseng, guarana and L-carnitine.

The Use of Stimulants Among College Students

A single serving of Rockstar, Monster and Red Bull could deliver up to 80mh of caffeine. NOS and 5-hour Energy may give us higher amount of caffeine at more than 200mg per serving. In general, caffeinated drinks could deliver multiple short-term effects. Another thing that we should consider is the increased is of stimulants that are prescribed by doctors. The problem could be enhanced by lack of rest and high rate of binge drinking. Prescribed stimulants are typically used to treat narcolepsy, depressions and ADHD. However, they could also give us focus and increased alertness.

Ritalin is a common prescription drugs for hyperactive children. However, when used by healthy adults; it could improve attention, combat fatigue and maintain alertness. Ritalin improves the overall activity of the brain’s central nervous system. The effect can be quite similar to cocaine. In fact, it is concluded that constant uses of Ritalin could cause addiction symptoms. This is one fact that should discourage students from using Ritalin. It is very rare for doctors to be willing in prescribing Ritalin for students; especially if they are perfectly healthy. Good doctors will recommend natural methods to improve alertness and focus during studying.

Adderall is used to treat narcolepsy and ADHD. However, students will be able to stay awake and improve their focus by consuming the drug. Adderall is also known to cause addiction problems among many students. Significant usages may cause heart arrhythmias and hypertensions. Long-term dependence will contribute to depression and even death. One way to avoid using stimulants is to study each day; even during weekend. Allocating just 90 minutes each day for studying for the whole duration of students’ time in college could significantly ease problems associated with exams.

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