What Is A Car Accident Lawyer and Why Do I Need One?

If you have never been in a car accident, you might feel fortunate. But don’t count yourself out just yet! On average, a driver will have three to four accidents during their lifetime. While the majority of auto accidents are not fatalities, even a minor fender-bender can result in injuries that can cause you pain and cost you money. Attorney Kevin Attkisson explains that even a minor accident can result in high medical bills and a lifetime of pain. When they do, don’t expect the insurance company of the other driver to do what they can to help you out. Getting insurance companies to pay out a fair amount of compensation is one of the primary jobs of a personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Attorney

Why do I need Compensation?

 You have car insurance to pay for your car and medical insurance to pay your medical bills. Why should you need anything more?

Following a weekend accident, you get up Monday morning to go to work. The stiffness you were feeling in your neck immediately after the accident has spread down your spine and it is beginning to ache. Since your job requires a lot of activity and some moderate lifting, you decide to stay home today and give your back some time to re-coup. When your condition only gets worse by tomorrow, you call your doctor.

Your doctor manages to work you in on Friday, after you have missed an entire week of work. After a thorough examination, he is unsure of the diagnosis and recommends going to a specialist. Since you haven’t been to the doctor all year, you must pay the full deductible on your health insurance and a hefty co-pay when you go to the specialist.

The specialist uses the most advanced diagnostics to get to the cause of your pain. Your insurance company has limits on how much it will pay for each of these tests, leaving you to pay the difference out-of-pocket. The specialist discovers that you have a spinal injury that was likely caused by the impact of your car accident. You will require extensive time off from work to heal or you will risk doing further damage to your back. You will also require physical therapy that your insurance does not cover. At a time when your medical bills are quickly adding up, you have lost your source of income.

The Role of the Personal Injury Lawyer

 If another driver is to blame for your injury, then you have the right to compensation to relieve you of your financial problems. The personal injury lawyer knows the law, your rights, and the actions needed to meet your burden of proof. He also has in-depth experience in dealing with insurance companies who are interested in their bottom line and not your situation.

A car accident has the ability to turn your life around instantly. A personal injury lawyer will help you get the financial relief you need to heal without the added burden your situation can place on your finances.

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