Fashion In Feminism – Why It Really Matters

How the world sees feminism through fashion.

Some people still see fashion as irrelevant and superficial, a fantasy at it’s best, only skin-deep, exploitative and at worst, anti-feminist. Sad to say, there are aspects of these views that are true.

But on the positive part, fashion can also alter attitude. It helps people reflect and empower to find their true selves as well as be a positive influence on other people. In a small way, clothes inspire women to be anything they want.

Fashion In Feminism - Why It Really Matters

The Revolution

According to Amy Poehler, an American actress, producer, and writer, the common dilemma of women is just a facet of many things. It feels like you have to be many things at the same time. You need to be a tomboy but feminine. Hardworking but fun. Ambitious but likable. Confident but not overbearing. Put an effort to look good but make it effortless.

Poehler’s short yet sharp comment reflects the reality of what women experience on a daily basis. This reflection is important especially to the upbringing of young girls. The majority of women experience fashion as fun and different visual tool.

You might want to look like a boss one day and dress in clean cuts and structured fabrics. You might feel very feminine for a date night and wear flattering tops. Or, you might want to attract attention and make a statement by wearing big prints and bold colors. Indeed, fashion’s influence on women has reached greater heights.

Clothes And The History of Women Before You

It’s inevitable that you fall out of love with the longevity of clothing. However, keeping something for a long time is a treasure, provided of course that it’s still good. Some women even have handbags passed by their mothers.

Fashion demands that we take a fresh look on how we value quality. It’s fine to relish some trendy pieces that you will not love forever, but you should not tolerate poor quality items of clothing. Articles of clothing that are poor in quality are shockingly irrelevant to how much you’ve spent on particular items.

The reason why poor quality clothes don’t last is that they bobble, they fade and lose shape. So, it’s wise that you make a habit of checking the price besides quality and longevity. A good way to avoid this problem is by browsing sites such as Seed Heritage to ensure the quality of your clothing.

Feminism and Fashion

Fashion becomes adjacent to feminism because women are responsible for the extensive employment of women in the fashion industry. It’s somewhat a sensitive subject though.

Some manufacturers will place a valid claim that they created high-quality jobs in the poorest areas, when in fact, those jobs are rare.

While it’s unequivocally true that workers in garment factories are underpaid, the working conditions are also terrible, and employees often experience harassment, mistreatment and are even exposed to great danger.

Regardless of your personal relationship with fashion, in terms of your shopping habits or shopping locations, it matters that you engage and ask questions about the supply chain practices of the brands that you follow. It’s vital because it will improve the workers’ conditions and will increase transparency.

There’s still a lot of things to do, and it starts with us. We are the consumer looking after the cute branding.


The effect of fashion to feminism is irrefutable. It has become an indomitable force in the community but something that gives employment and empowerment to women. And, as it continues to grow, it’s  about time to make employment fair and square and ideal for everyone.

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