UAE: The World’s Second Safest Country

Safe and secure life is a fundamental right of every human being. Everyone wants to live in the safest place where their life, as well as property, is safe from every type of danger and threats. No doubt nowadays the world situation is not good enough. Every day we listen to different crimes stories in the news. However, to overcome these crimes is possible but eradication is not an easy find a home in world safe country or place is a dream of humankind. Everyone loves their family, no one wants to suffer from the pain of a loved one’s sufferings.

The UAE is the world’s second safest country .as the crime rate in a UAE is very low. If you want to invest in Palm Jumeirah apartments for rent or you want to buy a home in a downtown, Dubai creek harbor or any other town of UAE, you are on right track. The safest environment of UAE will not risk your investment. You don’t have to worry about the future of your investment as the future is very bright in UAE because of a lot of new projects and facilities that have been started by the UAE government.

UAE is full of beautiful attractive places like Dubai is one of the best cities in Dubai for the attraction of tourists. Too many beautiful views of Dubai and many other cities of UAE are now beating the most popular holiday places of France, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, and the US because of the lower risk of crime.

Travel magazine has given the score of 6.6 to UAE because of a lower rate of crime and Singapore and Spain are considered the safest country as well by travel magazine report. In the case of natural disasters, UAE is the world’s third safest country. The UAE Government is taking a lot of care in reducing crimes. Shaikh Saif bin Zayed, the deputy prime minister of UAE and Interior minister emphasized a lot on the commitment to reduce crime rates more in 2021 and bring UAE at the top of lists of safest countries. Different reports on the crime rate have shown a decrease in some crime rate as the number of crimes per a population of 100,000 in 2011 was 119.8 and 2013 the number reduced to 110.2 in 2013, 90.6 in 2014 and a clear cut reduction in 2015 that is 83.8.

The overall percentage of people in UAE who are satisfied with the security conditions is high that is 84.5%. The Emirates Centre for Strategic and Research. The UAE government has taken out serious steps for the family protection, stopping of drug trafficking, domestic workers rights protection, registration of properties and vehicles to reduce crime and many other. These aspects make the UAE world’s one of the safes country for living.

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