October 2016

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  • Simple Advice For A Healthy Smile

    From better self-confidence to better job prospects, a healthy smile will not only transform your physical appearance, but also benefit your well bring, mind-set, and overall health! There are so many ways that you can improve your oral health. This article will talk through the basic steps you can take to ensure your smile stays […]

  • 5 Hottest Coffee Houses Of Helsinki

    Coffee is a very popular drink in Helsinki. On average, each Finn drinks four cups a day. However, until recently it was difficult to find a spot with really flavorful espresso in the city. But fortunately, over the last few years the situation has changed entirely. Since recently, Finnish baristas participate in international coffee championships […]

  • Investing In Project Management – Prince 2 Training VS PMP Training

    Both of these courses provide different project management frameworks and knowledge on how to manage projects. The approaches to project management that PRINCE2 and PMP provide offer different advantages and can be used in different aspects of the project management industry. What is PMP? In the red corner stands the mighty PMP training (Project Management Professional […]