September 2018

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  • Significance of choosing reliable and the best water purifier

    One of the most important and basic factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting a water purifier for the home, is ‘reliability’. This is because water is necessary for sustaining life and its purity is linked directly with the family’s overall health and well being. Water purification is crucial, and hence, it becomes […]

  • Why Home Healthcare Should Never be Considered One-Size-Fits-All

    As the process of ageing sets in, in our parents’ lives, they start to find it harder to complete the tasks and participate in activities, they once took for granted. The need for help may arise from similar issues in this elderly population, however, the nature of care and help they require to differ from […]

  • Developing Responses to Cyber-Enabled Information Warfare and Influence Operations

    This piece of information describes warfare of information and influence operations as the thoughtful use of information by one party on an opponent population to mislead, confuse, and influence the actions which the targeted population does. Warfare of information and influence operations are considered to be hostile activity, or as an activity which is actioned […]

  • 5 Ways Agile Helps Mitigate Project Quality Risks

    The agile procedure diminishes such dangers as poor item quality or building the wrong item completely. Although deft and Scrum were initially intended for programming ventures, their iterative procedure and systems apply past their underlying expected industry. Here are five different ways light-footed and Scrum methods can reduce venture quality assurance dangers: 1. All professionals […]