What Are The Concerns Of The People On Corona Virus

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In late December 2019, a coronavirus was identified in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. After four paths, the Coronavirus is around the world. The world is disconnected, as flight operations in many countries are suspended. Since Coronavirus is known as COVID-19, over 10k people have died due to the virus in the US. People are under quarantine, and best primary care physicians in CT are concerned about the patients growing number due to lockdown. Across the globe, COVI-19 affected are over 6 lack, and alone the US has over 1 lack people affected due to COVID-19.

What Are The Concerns Of The People On Corona Virus

In CT, the best primary care physicians are posed with plenty of questions and concerns from the patients. There are guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Everybody is supposed to read to avoid any myth.

  • Travel: A repeated concern heard is the traveling safe under the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly via cruise ship and airline. CDC has suggested people avoid travel. The government in the US is operating a flight for the stranded Americans around the world to bring them back home. People with chronic disease must avoid all the nonessential travel to the world.
  • Face Masks: There are footages and images of the people are wearing a mask because it’s told to wear. China and Italy started even before the WHO gave any guidelines. Everyone must wear a mask to avoid with aerosolized particles of COVID-19, which remains for 4 hours in the air. Moreover, if you have sneezing and cough problems, stay away from others and go to the doctors if it doesn’t end after four days.
  • Hand Washing: Become like Japanese, who are hygiene conscious. Keep hand sanitizer with you to keep cleaning your hands while you’re away from the washroom. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water to avoid germs spread. You must spend almost 20 seconds to wash your hands, rub them, and kill any potential virus on your hand.
  • Pneumonia Vaccines: Since researchers are so far working on the creation of the vaccine. Since the pneumonia vaccine is highly potential, but it doesn’t affect the COVID-19 virus.
  • Alcohol sprays, Hand dryers, and other myths: Unluckily, when COVID-19 sort of virus spread, it infects thousands of people around the world. So, best primary care physicians in CT have a guide for you:
  1. The hand dryer doesn’t kill Coronavirus.
  2. UV shouldn’t be used to sterilize your hands or any skin part.
  3. Spraying alcohol around the body will not kill the virus.
  4. Dogs and pats cannot transmit Coronavirus.
  5. Rinse your mouth can avoid getting COVID-19 infected.

For everyone, the global pandemic doesn’t see the age, caste, creed, or money. It simply hits the body and affects you that may tend to death. It’s in the betterment for all of us to live with a spirit that ‘this shall too pass.’ Instead of getting panic, we need to combat solidly against the Coronavirus. It has truly affected the global village.

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