5 Simple Ways to Spread Happiness and Kindness among Children Around you

"A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees."

Amelia Earhart.

As a child, we often hear our parents and the people around us saying, “Be kind to others and they will be kind to you” and we try to follow that. And more often than not, we find that just by being kind towards others, we not only feel good about ourselves but also a certain happiness in the thought that we have done a “good deed” for the day.

This is why spreading joy, happiness and kindness is crucial, especially in the times we live in today, where there is so much uncertainty around us. Especially when it comes to children, the impact a little positivity, happiness and kindness has on them is unimaginable. Which leaves us wondering exactly what we can do to make sure that we are a source of happiness and kindness for the children around us?

While it is not possible to always be cheerful, there are things that we can do, small things we can keep in check, to make sure that we spread happiness around us.

Simple Ways To Spread Happiness Among Children Around You

It’s not wrong to say that children are the future of tomorrow, and so anything that they do and the way they act will make a big difference in how the world will be shaping up in the years to come. Therefore, by being kind to them and spreading a little positivity and happiness among them will ensure a brighter and happier future.

Following are some ways on how you as an individual, can spread happiness among the children around you.

  1. Begin by being happy – You know the saying, “charity begins at home”? Well, the same applies in this case too. If you want to spread happiness and kindness, you first have to make sure that you do that to yourself; only then, when you find complete inner happiness, will you be able to become a source of happiness among those around you.
  2. Kind Words – No one likes mean people, especially children who are ultra-sensitive and emotional. Therefore, avoid using harsh and condescending tones while speaking to them since they will sense this immediately.
  3. Surprise them – Have a niece, nephew, younger sibling or cousin? Why not surprise them once in a while? Just like us adults, children too love receiving surprises – a small present, a long hug, favourite candy.
  4. Pay attention – Although it sounds simple, it is often one of the most difficult things to do for an adult when it comes to children. Instead of zoning out, really try to listen to what they are saying – remember the more attention you give them, the more content they feel that they are being heard which leads to increased inner satisfaction and happiness.
  5. Smile – This is the best thing you can do for not just those around you but also for yourself. Smiling, even while being in a bad mood, causes our mood to become matter – making us more cheerful which is reflected in our attitude towards others. So, the next time you feel down or see a child around you upset, simply smile. It works!


Melanie Wright is a lifestyle and child development writer and blogger. Her work has been featured on well-known platforms, including websites such as Hero Kids. Apart from that, she maintains a blog where she talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul for a balanced life.

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