Why Home Healthcare Should Never be Considered One-Size-Fits-All

As the process of ageing sets in, in our parents’ lives, they start to find it harder to complete the tasks and participate in activities, they once took for granted. The need for help may arise from similar issues in this elderly population, however, the nature of care and help they require to differ from person to person and also depends upon the conditions they live in. The trick, in this case, is to find the balance which is to navigate through three main requirements: their acceptance towards the help; they are safe, the help makes you worry less about them.

Each of us is a unique individual made up of complex habits, and we are destined to stay this way throughout our lives. The one-size-fits-all (or cookie cutter) approach refers to the fact that we expect all the senior population to have the same needs and act in a similar manner. This approach neither works for the senior citizens nor the care-takers. It takes for the care-providers to attain an extremely thoughtful and careful approach which allows them to asses who is being taken care of and if he possesses any unique needs. This helps to chart out the best plan needed to keep the senior in good health at their home.

Just as there are various citizens requiring different sort of assistance, there are also a number of in-home health care services and providers catering to different needs. When you know what type of services or combination of services are right for your loved one, you will be better equipped to help them live a happier and healthier life. You need to determine if your loved one needs physical help or needs assistance for medication, hygiene and more. Working with a bonded, licensed and well-respected hospice facility is important when you look for a considerate care facility for your loved one.

When you think it is the right time to seek home health care for your loved one, the Houston Hospice Medical Center will assess them for daily function, mental status and depression which is a crucial step in determining what type of services will be required by the older adult.

This geriatric assessment examines the individual for the following criteria:

  • Evaluate all of the issues and challenges that a senior might be experiencing
  • Assess an older adult’s access to supports that can help him or her live at home
  • Determine care needs and the frequency of care that should be provided
  • Develop coordinated care plans to focus on interventions for identified issues

This is the first step towards a customized approach of hospice care. Once this assessment is completed, it can lead to the accomplishment of the following goals:

  • May improve health outcomes for the individual being assessed.
  • Maybe helpful in postponing the onset of disability.
  • Can be a great help when it comes to recognizing the health before they turn into acute conditions.
  • Make the whole healthcare process cost-effective.
  • Improving the quality of life.
  • Planned services that enhance the individual’s safety.
  • Identification of the rehabilitation needs.
  • Determining a senior’s ability to care for himself or herself
  • Identifying and correcting fall risks
  • Discovering early-stage disease

This assessment also requires the home health care provider to take time out to actually know the adult who for whom the services will be provided. This includes knowing his or her life story, dislikes and likes and his sense of humour. Knowing the senior’s family thoroughly also adds a caring perspective towards the services being provided. This includes understanding the personal history, family dynamics, interests and hobbies can make all play a vital role in individualizing the care being provided to different individuals.

Ideal Healthcare Agencies are the ones where the skilled staff makes sure to assess your loved one’s needs and determine what kind of in-home health care services will be most appropriate keeping in view the level of independence required by your loved one.

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