The New Home Décor Trend- Indian Blue Pottery

Making pots has been a profession of Indians since a long time. Many civilizations have been named after the type of pottery found in their times. The potteries were made in various colors as well as materials. The primary colors that were used in making pots at those times were red, black and white. The designs used that time were made on the basis of the clay that was found in the region of manufacturing.

blue pottery

Types of Blue Pottery

The magnificence and elegancy of the Indian pottery is not diminished even today. Different regions of India make different yet unique pieces of pottery .The new trend and the most wanted pottery these days blue pottery .Pottery are found in amazing variety of shapes, sizes as well as designs depending upon the place where they were created and by whom were they created.

In pottery traditions, there are diverse natures of Indian handicrafts. Every Indian state is special for its own traditions of pottery be it Bengal for Terra cotta or Rajasthan for blue pottery. Blue Pottery is widely recognized as the traditional craft of Jaipur, though it’s originally Turko-Persian. Blue pottery gets its name from the eye-catching blue dye that is used to color the pottery.This pottery is semi-transparent and is decorated with animal and bird designs on it.

Blue Pottery Products Classyplus Offers:

1. Blue Ceramic Handi Set: It is a beautiful handi serving set, handmade from ceramic. The charming set is an absolute requirement to have in your blue pottery group!

2. Hand-painted Ceramic Tea Set: This is a High quality; hand painted blue pottery ceramic tea set. The polished completion it has makes the tea set an unbelievable presentation. This lovely set is a must have in every home.

3.Blue Salt and pepper shaker set: Add style to your dining table with this vintage outline Salt and Pepper set that is very classy and unique with is designs and print.

4. Handcrafted Ceramic Bathroom Set: This beautiful Toiletry set made from blue pottery comprises of a hand wash holder, tooth brush holder and cleanser case. All of these are handmade and are painted in such a way to suit your restroom stylistic theme.

5. Ceramic hand painted handi: This beautiful painted ceramic handi is more likely to make you feel you are back to the Mughal era. The cover has a handle on top which mixes with the outline and really easy to use. This Handi can be used for several purposes like for serving food, curries or soups. Its appealing shades will make you fall more in love with it.

6. Hand painted Ceramic Tea Set: This tea seat is an incredible presentation of blue pottery. It’s a painted ceramic tea set that will enhance the look of your tea table. This tea set is perfect for a person who admires blue pottery.

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