5 Most Important Car Insurance Covers You Need In Case Of A DWI Arrest

5 Most Important Car Insurance Covers You Need In case of a DWI Arrest

An arrest made for Driving While Intoxicated is a bad thing and it takes a lot of effort even from the best lawyers for them to prove your sobriety. An insurance cover helps you to get back on your feet after an accident and after paying a fine for the DWI. Driving an uninsured car is a traffic felony and if you are arrested with an uninsured car while driving while intoxicated, you will worsen your charges.

If you will be going out tonight and planning to drive your car back home or not, you must have the following important insurance covers:

  1. Comprehensive car insurance coverage

This insurance cover will pay out for anything on the road other than collision. The comprehensive cover includes, but it isn’t limited to storm damage, fire, theft, a deer on the road, vandalism, or glass damage. These accidents or eventualities aren’t covered by other insurance covers and it is important if you have the cover and you ply a high-risk route.

These incidents are sometimes used by your legal representative to get you out of a fix if you had been driving while intoxicated but your judgment wasn’t impaired meaning that the accident was caused by something else. Insurance will cover associated costs.

  1. Personal injury covers

A comprehensive cover is considered a luxury by many parties but you shouldn’t miss to get a person injury protection. This cover will cover all the costs associated with the accident and all the medical costs that will come up for you and any other passengers in the car.

5 Most Important Car Insurance Covers You Need In Case Of A DWI Arrest

Even when driving when intoxicated, this cover will help you to deal with injury victims as your DWI lawyer resolves your case. Check out thehoustondwilawyer.com website, which has more details on DWI cases and how you can reach your lawyer and get free consultation.

  1. Collision coverage

In case of a collision, as is common with many road accidents, the collision cover will cover your car and any associated collision damages. Collision will be paid out minus the deductibles whether your car hits a tree, a mail box, or another vehicle.

  1. Liability and property damage covers

These two covers are important as they offer coverage to other drivers on the road who may be victims of an accident involving your car. The liability covered includes body injury and resultant medical expenses.

Property insurance coverage will cover any costs as a result of damage to another person’s property. There is a limit to the amount covered, but it depends on your finances. Your chances of being sued are higher when you don’t have this insurance.

  1. High-risk insurance cover

Have you been arrested for a DWI before? If you have been, then this is an option availed to you by big insurance firms if you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated. They cost higher and you will need an SR-22 form filled by the DMV for the insurance to be availed.

In conclusion, these insurance covers are very important especially if you are arrested for DWI. Without insurance, your case will be more complicated. Every lawyer recommends having the right insurance when contacting them for better legal representation for a DWI.

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