Why Branding Is Important For Your Small Business

Many people think branding is all about having a good logo. Granted, this is a very important part of branding – but branding is all about how stakeholders perceive a company in terms of their service, reputation and advertising.

All of this then directly impacts the businesses customers and staff as it sets the tone of your business. There are certain businesses that are built solely from their brand reputation such as Apple or McDonalds, who are essentially technology manufacturers and a fast food restaurant, but because of their branding they are perceived as being much more than this.

Why Branding Is Important For Your Small Business

So let’s look at the effect branding can have on your small business:

Branding Improves Recognition

As mentioned, a strong logo is an imperative part of your brand. Going back to the Apple and McDonalds example, we can all instantly recognize the yellow arches and bitten apple at a single glance. The logo will become the face of your small business and it will come to be the tool used for how people will be able to identify your business, which means it has to be a memorable design.

Creates Trust

Having a strong brand also creates more trust for your business. This is because consumers are more likely to deal with a business that seems refined and legitimate as it appears more trustworthy. For example, you wouldn’t want to purchase from somewhere that is in a run-down building with a dark and bold brand personality.

Supports Advertisement

Advertising is something which is essentially part of your brand. It can affect your brand through what medium you use to advertise as well as the type of consumers you target. For instance, charities such as breast cancer awareness use wristbands or lanyards as they are something which all types of demographics can use and they use their pink brand so they can be easily identified.

Inspires Employees

The large majority of staff need more than just work, they need to have something they can work towards. By developing a brand you give the company a personality and a mission as to how it should perform. This gives the employees a reason for being and they can feel some pride for the work they are doing. As an example of a business who hasn’t done this well is Sports Direct who don’t have a set brand personality and this has resulted in many of the staff being unhappy in their work.

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