The Science Behind Steam Showers

—And Why They are Good for You

Steam showers are regularly in demand not just in the UK, but also in other parts of the world. They have become so trendy that many companies are selling steam showers that are specifically designed for homes. They are being sold next to the typical shower pods, so these have evidently made their way into the typical way of life of people.

The Science Behind Steam Showers

If you are thinking of purchasing your own steam shower for your home any time soon, then it is only wise to know how the thing works.

How steam production happens

Steam showers look exactly like and are priced roughly the same as their ordinary shower counterparts. However, the former requires professional installation assistance, and more often than not, maintenance, as well. The reason for this is that these are equipped with steam generators, which are vital to their function.

The steam generator is pumped with cold water, and is forced to boiling point temperature to produce all that fresh steam. Modern models of steam showers even have control boards which allow you to adjust the duration of steam release, temperature, and even aroma.

It essential to find a power-efficient steam generator, regardless how modern the model you plan to buy. The shorter the amount of time needed for steam production, the more cost-effective and efficient it is.

The size and height of your bathroom, including the material it is built with are some factors that you need to consider when buying your own steam shower pod. If you plan to place it on the second floor of your home, the factor of weight should also be added to the list of considerations. It may be best to consult a professional regarding this.

Health benefits of steam

Aside from knowing how it works, knowing the health benefits might be your motivation for buying one. Steam showers have many health benefits. Some of these are:

  • Cleanses skin. Taking a bath and having a healthy diet both contribute to healthy skin, but the largest organ in the body is cleaned best by steam. Allowing yourself to relax in at least 20 minutes of steam once a week is enough to keep microscopic dirt and other foreign materials off your skin.
  • Makes respiratory and circulatory system healthy. Regularly having a steam shower unclogs blood vessels and sinuses in the same way it cleanses skin. This therefore leads to an improved blood circulation and gives respiratory relief.
  • Relieves stress and fatigue. Many people use a steam shower after going through a rigorous workout or after having a long day at work. The heat of the steam eliminates metabolic waste, an excess of which may lead to stress. It also reduces tension, which may be a result of work stress.

Now that you know how a steam shower works and why it’s good for you, it might be high time for you to get one for your own home. Remember to keep in mind the steam generator when purchasing one, and you will maximise these health benefits.

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