Delightful and Straightforward: Tips to Add Style to Your Coffee Tables

You might want to consider a coffee table as a table in many forms. You can make your coffee table a place to put your glass,  a table to place the remote, a footrest, and certainly, lovely decorative supplement to your family room. Suffice to say; a coffee table has the potential to be one of these things.

However, your coffee table also can become clutter in case you are not careful, or a mere dull table if you are afraid to become a bit creative.

To assist you to reach a favorable outcome, here are few helpful tips for you to become knowledgeable in the craft of decorating a simple coffee table.

Learn the Method of 3

As in such various fields of design, the method three is an important figure for beautifying a coffee table. For whatever shape or size of a table, a set of three pieces is quite reliable.

Remember that the method of three is merely a guide and not a firm procedure. And in some time, what constitutes those three pieces can be complex than it appears.

How to Apply the Method of 3

Square Tables. In case you own a perfectly four-sided table, chances are, you might be intrigued to utilize four equal pieces for an ideally balanced look.

On the other hand, you can acquire a more interesting look by incorporating two items or sets, one in every corner. You can try a tall lantern or vase in one edge with a pile of two books in the other.

Squares and Circles. Books supplement bright arrangement, but if all the pieces are rectangular, then there will be a likelihood of feeling a bit uncomfy look, and this is where the benefit of the circle comes in.

Playing beautiful curves against firm rectangular edges blends the looks for a traditional combination. Work on a bowl, round vase, paperweight or candle between or either on squarer pieces to soften the lines and incorporate visual engagement.

Work with Heights. One more method to add dynamism to the looks of your coffee table is through working with the tallness of items. You can apply the method of three here also. Try to accomplish three differing heights, using items of varying sizes or by piling the items higher.

Placing the tallest item in the middle will produce a delightful symmetry, but occasionally, a little deliberate asymmetry can look attractive as well. For as long as you incorporate some height, the entire grouping will become more interesting and dynamic.

Flowers and Candles. Taper candles and flowers are two arrangement substitutes that can help your coffee table fashion attain more success than ever before. In addition to this, flowers supply a shot of color, while the candlesticks can produce a flash of energy, so both are even better when paired.

In case you own many candlesticks, try slicing around an inch or a couple from the bottom of one candle to alter the heights, making it even more attractive.

Simplistic Asymmetry. It is worth remembering at this moment that these styling tips so far are only one approach. If each of these recipes and methods seems too difficult, then you can try the simplest method of all. It’s the one item (or pile) arranged asymmetrically approximately all through one end.

This method will be very helpful particularly on long tables that would be difficult to fill. You can utilize that extra space, or make use of Ottomans to place your feet. The asymmetrical method is also practical if your table is gorgeous itself. Put items off to one corner or in a side and let the surface of the table do the rest.

Also, the look works effectively on round tables. Utilize one or pile of items pushed closely in the center of the table to produce negative space similar to a real design specialist.


The techniques mentioned in this article are only a part of the many styles you can apply to your coffee table. You can apply these methods if you find it difficult to add style to yours. In the end, your view in designing a coffee table will eventually improve as time goes on.


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