How to Protect your vehicle during Monsoon

While monsoon season is one of the most beautiful seasons, it is very hard time for the cars on the roads. It is important that you take good care of your car in the rainy season so that it keeps working in optimum condition and no part of it gets damaged due to water seepage. Here we will give you some tips that you can follow to keep your car from the harm way during the rainy season.

1). If the roads are flooded (the water level is above the car tyres) then it will do your car a whole world of good to avoid that stretch. Try to find alternate stretches that are relatively dry or where the water level is low. In case there is water on the road, try to drive on the middle (if the road is empty!) because the middle part of the road is a bit raised and so you will encounter less water here.

2). If you have no alternative than driving through the flooded streets, then always drive in the first gear. The reason for this is that when you drive your car in the first gear with increased engine RPM. It will helps the silencer to reduce the chances of blockage. Once when you have left the flooded stretches, then you can accelerate to clear and blockage completely.

3). Invest in a good car cover. If you have bought a car and do not have any indoor space to park it, then buy a good quality cover to keep the car safe from rain and dust.

4). If you are planning to buy second hand car in Delhi, then see whether the car has insurance cover for water damage or not. If there is no such cover, then get it otherwise you may have to shell out a big amount of money in case there is any damage.

5). Look out for any paint damage on the body of the car. In case there are any scratches, then repaint that area or it will get rusted.

6). Look at the battery terminals and find whether the fuses are in right condition. Put some petroleum jelly on the terminals and also carry some extra fuses with you in case the one in your car battery blows out.

7). If you are driving through the flooded street stop the AC in your car otherwise it will create splash of water.

8). If your car has a sunroof, then make sure that it closes perfectly and there is no gap through which water can pour inside the car and damage the interiors. Similarly, keep the windows closed (you will be surprised how many make this common mistake of not completely closing the windows).

9). Do not park your car in low lying areas where the water can accumulate and damage your car.

10). Do not use the central locking during the rainy season as there are chances that there could be a short circuit and then you will find it difficult to open the doors (as the locking system may get jammed).

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