A New Way Of Advertisement

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It is a leading lift advertising agency which deals in the promotion of different products and brands via advertisements in residential lifts and Elevators. It is a new and unique venture which was initiated recently in July 2017 and started offering its services in Indirapuram, Vaishali, Vasundhara, Noida and the region of Delhi NCR. It is a unique idea of spreading brand awareness using the space available in different Elevators in many of the buildings of these regions.

A New Way Of Advertisement

Method of working

The method of the working of the lift advertising agency is quite simple and simply effective. We use the concept of promotion with the help of displaying different types of advertisements through lift display screens in elevators which will create a disturbance-free environment for all the customers and will attract their attention. We generally spend 20-60 seconds in an elevator and during that time the environment is quite patient which is perfect to attract the attention of people.

We provide different poster size for your advertisement to be placed. However, the maximum size which is used for advertisement is 13 inches by 19 inches, and all these posters are placed in the Elevators of the residential complex where you will find the most potential audience. The advertisements are always placed in such a manner that they immediately capture the attention of users. We design the posters in such a manner that they can communicate all the necessary details within few seconds. Since the lift display screens are placed in Elevators of the residential complex, the buyers will see that advertisement again and again and also there are special promo code offers available which are present on the advertisement which will also help the brand to know the power of advertisement.

Why are we different than other advertisement companies?

There are many companies in the market available nowadays who offer advertisement services. You should have some valid reasons that why you should go for us rather than other such companies.

Here are few special features which make us different from other such companies in the market:

  • The basic concept of advertising in elevator is completely new and is the most important factor which makes us unique.
  • It can easily capture the attention of an audience which does not require much effort in just a few seconds. The use of Elevators in a residential complex is extremely common and on an average, a person uses his complex’s Elevators 4 to 5 times a day.
  • We have different poster size available according to your requirements and you can choose the one which works the best for you.
  • Elevators are the best place to advertise for the section of the audience which is normally unreachable.
  • We keep in constant touch with the society members so that we can inform them about any changes made in the brand or product which they can change.
  • We are the sole provider of advertisement services in elevators of the residential Complex present in Vasundhara, Vaishali, Noida and other Delhi NCR regions.

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