Moonga Stone and Its Importance

Moonga stone or Coral is said to be associated with the planet Mars and comes in vermilion or light Red color. It is produced by sea animals, hence popularly known as the gift of the sea to human beings. A coral stone is said to be original one only if it free from dark spots, inclusions along with smudge. In case of duplicate red coral stone, dark spots are viewed when seen through magnifier glasses. To identify original moonga stone just take near to the mirror and rub it, if no sound is produced then it is the original one.

Moonga Stone and Its Importance

How is Red Coral Stone Produced?

Red coral stones are believed to be very precious stones formed in the submarines. These organic gemstones are formed by marine creatures in the deep sea by the creatures known as Coral Polyps. These creatures store the hard material that is calcium carbonate in the beehive places for years together. It takes several years for one original coral stone to be formed.

Who should Wear this Moonga Stone?

People wear moonga stone so as to get rid of mangal doshas. By wearing this stone on the hand individuals can acquire leadership qualities. It will also bring success in sports, business along with health factors. Moonga stone should be worn by those individuals whose birth star is associated with the planet Mars. This stone when worn will strengthen the weakly placed Mars in the native horoscope. It also helps to benefit from the favorable position. The persons whose zodiac signs are Aries and Scorpio need to wear on their fingers. This stone can also be worn by suitable ascendants that are Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, and Leo.

Requirements of Wearing Moonga Stone

In order to wear a red coral stone for success as well as progress in business, sports, and better health, individuals need to check out the requirements beforehand.

  • Moonga stone cannot be worn simply as many carats as needed, but the weight is calculated according to body weight. The weight of the red coral stone should be 1/10th of the body weight of the person wearing it and not exceed or be less than required.
  • Only light red color or vermilion color moonga stone need to be worn for better results in the individuals. Even an orangey-red coral stone without any spots also works well for the individuals.
  • Red coral stone should always be associated or designed in silver or gold metals only. In some cases, panchdhaatu or platinum is also preferred for wearing.
  • It is necessary to wear Red coral stone only on the ring finger of right hand and never on the left hand.
  • The auspicious time suggested by most of the pundits to wear red coral stone is Tuesday early mornings that too in Shukla Paksha only. So take care to wear this stone only on Tuesday and not on other days for progress as well as a good result.
  • One of the most important things is to chant a sloka or mantra while wearing this ring to the hand. It is ‘Aum Ang Angarakaya Namah:’, and should be chanted for 108 times.

The above mentioned are the importance of moonga gemstone in the life of individual and why to wear it.

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