Reviews On JLT Apartments And Lifestyle

Jumeirah Lake Tower is one of the premium places in Dubai. The expensive and extraordinary place that deliver most of the luxurious facilities under affordable prices. With more than ten residential towers, JLT has space for every kind of person. You get a variety of price range to become a resident in JLT. Though every building has its own charms and the charms are lucrative with the increased price. But overall you can find all the basic facilities inside including pools, grounds, parks, gym, sauna, gaming floors, parking, and many more. There are new projects occupying the city with modern and stylish buildings but JLT has its quality stabled as always.

If you need one reason to be a part of the JLT community, then one is not enough, you will find hundreds. Take JLT apartments for rent to check them out yourself and you will be startled to see what’s there.

Gold Crest Views

One of the pricey and premium buildings in JLT. The views you have are splendid from the windows. The facilities inside are limitless and the membership is only available to the owners of the apartments. Which means no rentals or an outside person can enter into the pools, gym, sauna, and anywhere else.

The best thing about the area is that all the market and clubs are at walking distance. You can reach malls and Marina Bay with a very short trip either by taking the Metro or the cab. Everything is available on the foot from there.

DAMAC Lake View

The second most beautiful and luxurious building in the JLT family. You will have the same facilities inside but some rules and regulations are different. Prices are different as it has some apartments that are lower in prices than Gold Crest. You will have premium sauna rooms, gaming courts for various physical games, gym with a membership, etc. There is also the lake in front of the building by which you will have the view of the enchanted beauty outside your window.

You can catch the metro and cab or even you can ride a yacht from a close terminal. All of this can be fully acquirable. The most important thing is that you can buy an apartment here with a very low deposit and fast acquisition. Even the acquisition amount is very low as well. The other buildings in JLT also have very gorgeous living style. You can go and get them if you want.

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