Make your kid’s birthday party light on pocket with these tips

It is always exciting and fun to celebrate the little one’s birthday as they turn another year old. However, sometimes our happiness and excitements get overboard over the expenditure of the parties every year. We can never think of skipping such a significant day without doing anything to make them happy though. So, to keep a balance between the expenditure and excitements, one needs to be wise and precise about how and what to do and what not to do.  Sometimes limiting a certain things to an extent can make a great difference in the budget while the happiness remains the same. Here are a following tips to celebrate your little one’s day with loads of fun and still keeping it fit to your budget.

Choose the location wisely

Sometimes the place or venue you choose for the birthday party makes you pay more than you enjoy the day. Children hardly care about how popular the venue is. But if the place is different, unique or has some fun elements for their enjoyment, they are into it. So, while hunting for the right party location, you can be wiser enough to see the reviews and go for a budget friendly place. You might sometime skip a better location nearby while choosing the venue with a higher budget that is popular or overrated.

Guests for the party

If it is not the 1st birthday party, or if you have thrown a grand party the previous year, then you can think of reducing the guests’ number in this one. Because hosting a lot of people and making a celebration unnecessarily huge can be a burden for you if you continue to do that each year.

Change the theme every year

Some party themes cost higher while some themes can look better but cost less. You can arrange a vegetable, animal, or flower themed fancy dress for the children or even keep a jungle theme for the celebration with handmade crafts. This will make the party full of fun in a lower budget. You can also book a party hall in your neighbourhood for this to lessen the expenditure.

Go out on a family trip

You can entirely skip the idea of partying at a venue or a hotel but go on an enjoyable trip with your kid. Surprise him or her with a trip to the nearby zoo, amusement park or a picnic spot. They will love to spend time outside home while learn and explore a lot of new things.

Decorate less

Make sure you don’t put a lot of energy, money and efforts in decoration. It takes a lot of time to decorate which turn out to be a burden to always arrange things and wrap up after the party is over. Only pick the most important things to do and do the least. You can prioritise among the things to do and you may get surprised to see that a lot of things we do are not necessary or can be done in another way. Using paper cups in artistic ways, paper plate paintings, some fairy lights here and there, superhero paper cuts, and a few balloons, etc can solve your purpose of decoration.

Birthday cake

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