How To Create SEO-Friendly Brand Name?

For people who want to start an online business, it is important for them to immediately consider SEO factors related to brand naming. Our brand name and tagline is the forefront of our marketing efforts. They will be the first things that people read and this applies in terms of SEO recognition. Here are things that we should consider when it comes to SEO-friendly brand naming:

Unique name will reduce competition: Without unique name, we will find ourselves being confronted by many competitors and some of them would be dominant players in the industry. We could use plays of words that could cause people to associate them with specific keywords or activities. As an example, we could compete with thousands of smartphone repair services if we name our company and domain name only as “”. Instead we could use names like This is a more unique name and people can still remember it easily.

Use keywords in tagline: Company names may or may not have primary keywords. But it is essential to include our primary keyword in tagline. The tagline will be used in both offline and online publication, so it is important for us to make sure people understand about our intention.

How To Create SEO-Friendly Brand Name

Include our brand name in any content: In fact, our brand name should become one of primary keywords. Successful brands, such as Samsung and Microsoft, have become unique keywords, although they are not real words. Search engines eat content ravenously for breakfast, lunch and dinner; so we should feed them regularly. If they don’t give them dinner today, they will get it from other website owners. In this case, we should associate our online brand with an active blog for our business. WordPress is an easy to use blogging platform and it is properly optimized for SEO purposes. It also has various built-in SEO tools and there are also thousands of plugins that we can use to boost our SEO performance. More importantly, we should use the WordPress blog to create our own knowledge base. We should have a compelling voice in the industry and it should be intertwined with our brand messages. It means that each of our WordPress posts should contain well-placed keywords. Our brand name should also become a primary keyword and our tagline as a primary keyphrase that we can use in posts. In general, we should look for insightful and clear solutions. Our messages should be based on vision and clarity.

If we are dealing with difficult industry and heavy competition, it is a good idea to incorporate long tail keywords in our tagline. This will allow us to filter people who have an actual interest or requirements for our information, products and services. We should be aware that a basic 10-webpage blog could eventually blossom into a vibrant 500-webpage blog, so we will have enough opportunity to improve our SEO performance. It is also a good idea to send some articles to article sharing websites to allow us improve our authority and distribution. It should be quite easy to create 48 well-written articles in one year; or about one good article in a week.

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