How To Use Keyword List Properly?

Any SEO professional will begin a quest of creating an effective keyword list. Many of them can’t get enough keywords and they want to use each of them more effectively. However, we could find that some keywords don’t really work so well and we may stumble across something that could be the actual Holy Grail in keyword research. During keyword research process, people are looking keywords that have minimal competition but searched by many people. It means that we could reach top position easier and we will gain more traffic. Effective keywords list allow us to draw massive amount of targeted traffic. Some people may also find a number of diamonds in the rough, or keywords that have both low competition and demand right now, but could have huge potentials in the future.

In this case, we will need to have a good keyword tool that can provide latest and updated information about specific keyword. In fact, many SEO professionals use more than five keyword tools for their extensive keyword research. Creating a keyword list s a good goal, but we should know what kind of traffic that we will ultimately get. We want the traffic to match our requirements, content, products and services. During keyword research, we should know that our traffic should be well targeted. Our aim should be more about getting traffic, we should also know what people are interested in. It means that we can add special description for each keyword, explaining what kind of traffic that we will likely get. We want our customer to return and read our content or pull out their credit card to make a purchase.

How To Use Keyword List Properly

People should also be passionate enough about whatever we are offering. If we want to accomplish the goal, our keyword list isn’t only about making a simple list, but also about making accurate analysis about each of the keyword. This will allow us to see candidate keyword that we should prioritize. In the end, the best keywords may not those with the highest traffic or the lowest competition; but more about traffic that respond to our products properly.

SEO methods are updated constantly and we should get advice from highly respected professionals in industry about. We could never go wrong with getting some advices from them. Common tools for keyword research are Google Keyword Tools and Overture. They are basic tools that allow us create basic keyword list. In the end, we should choose the word “targeted” over “massive”, because the former could provide us with more results. It’s no use having millions of visitors each month, if they have very low conversion rate. This is especially true when we want to sell a product or run a PPC campaign to gain profit.

It is a bad idea to be trapped in wrong assumptions, thinking that keyword list is intended to deliver us huge traffic. Our actual goal should be to find targeted traffic that can be converted to real customers.

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