Why High Search Rank Doesn’t Guarantee A Lot Of Traffic?

If we maintain our website regularly, we would find that we get more incoming links, higher PR and an overall growth. Our rank will increase steadily, thanks to our intensive SEO campaign and this is a good thing if our ranks are based on products that we are selling. Eventually, we reach the top position in the search ranking. It is easy to become ecstatic, but after a few days, we find out that our traffic has hardly increased. There are no additional queries and leads for our products and services. Most importantly, we get no or little additional revenue. We simply don’t get return on our investment.

This is the time when we ask, why we can’t gain more results and reach the top positions. First of all, there could be something wrong with the way we choose our keywords. Traffic related to our keywords may not be targeted enough. It means that we are not able to get in o the minds of our customers. We may not be able to figure out the proper demands among our traffic. It’s easy to forget that people haven’t heard about our company before. They don’t know about us and they don’t trust us. If we want to gain trust, it is important for us to provide them with real solutions. This could bring new traffic and hopefully new clientele.

Why High Search Rank Doesn’t Guarantee A Lot Of Traffic

In our website and marketing messages, we should use simple, everyday language. It should be used in our title and other areas. We need to realize that language is the thing that connects us with customers. This also relates with choosing the proper keyword. Wordtracker and other tools could help us pinpoint specific exact keywords. We shouldn’t only choose keywords that people are searching for, but also targeted traffic. Another reason that we get too little traffic is that our rank comes from less popular search engines. It means that if we get high rank in Bing or Yahoo, we will smaller traffic compared to when get it from Google.

It means that we should concentrate our focus on Google and after we are successful, we could shift to Bing and Yahoo. Google is still the leader of the pack and we need to focus on gaining more results from them. Our SEO effort should be focused on Google and we should use proper keyword tools. Some tools can provide us with accurate information on traffic gained from Google, Yahoo and Bing for specific keywords. These tools will have significant effects on the success of our SEO campaign. In the end, our website should be visitor friendly and it is an essential aspect of our website.

If our website isn’t welcoming, easy to navigate and understandable, there’s really no point to trying to achieve highe ranks. Our visitors should be properly intrigued and we need to offer visitors enough information. Web users should gain something when visiting our website and we should try to capture them immediately. If we fail to capture their attention in the first five seconds, we may lose them forever. Getting huge targeted traffic won’t bring any result, if our website isn’t interesting enough.

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