Important Facts You Need to Know About Escherichia Coli 026


Hygiene in food preparation and while eating has been vamped up right from institutions to screens at home. This, however, cannot be overemphasized. One of the most common occurrences is E. Coli. The bacteria will easily occur in some of the most immediate environments. They spread quickly making it hard to locate their source. Eating food that is contaminated from a restaurant will easily transfer the bacteria to your home? Buying contaminated meat will easily cause food poisoning at home for all the family members.

One of the most remembered events that brought to light the effects of E. Coli was the chipotle Mexican Grill incidence. Chipotle is a fast food restaurant in the US serving Mexican delicacies. The embarrassment is remembered to this day despite their dedication to serving food with integrity. The actual source of the bacteria has never been established to this day. Multiple sources were however sited. These included unwashed fruits, raw meat preparation surfaces, and heavily processed meat. Any of these could have been the source of the bacteria. Here are a few facts you need to know about E. Coli 026.

  • Escherichia coli has been classified as one of the most helpful bacteria when it comes to aiding the intestinal tract in maintaining a good digestive balance. The bacteria is indeed crucial. The bacteria, however, comes in a number of strains, some dangerous to a human being. E. Coli lives in intestines; both human and animal. The dangerous types are known as pathotypes. These are associated with diarrhea giving them the name diarrheagenic bacteria.
  • Symptoms will go away on their own at some pint as long as a consistent fluid intake is maintained. Severe pain and diarrhea, however, needs to be reported fast. Neglect will cause dehydration and consequential death.
  • The bacteria strain resides on dairy products, raw meat, lakes, ponds, raw meat preparation surfaces, unwashed fruits and vegetables, processed meats, untreated swimming pools and unwashed hands. It is important that sanitary methods and surfaces be used to prepare all kinds of meals. It is important that pools be treated using the right protocol.
  • Symptoms include bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting. You need to see a doctor immediately any of these show up. The infection affects both the young and the old alike.
  • E. Coli 026 can be treated using certain medication prescribed by the doctor. An individual will also need to take in fluids due to the loss of water through diarrhea. Self-prescription could make the condition worse.
  • E. Coli infections can be prevented through maintaining hygiene. You will need to wash your hand regularly as well as all that you eat. Avoid fruits that have not skin cover. Fast foods have a higher risk of food poisoning. Eating food that you have prepared at home assures you of clean food. Ensure that you do not take tap water. Always use chlorinated water as drinking water.

Escherichia Coli 26 remains a huge threat in the US despite the fact that it can be handled. Ignoring its effects can be life threatening.


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