How Reiki Heals Body Of Human Being

The fusion of two Japanese words, rei and ki, describes meaning of Reiki as ‘Higher Energy’ or ‘Source Energy’. Reiki is believed to be an intelligent and compassionate force that heals various physical and mental deformities among human beings. Considered as one of the various divine forces available in universe, Reiki differentiates itself from other energy sources. Most of the other healing forms focus on balance and stimulation of ‘ki’ (Ki is a Japanese word – also known as ‘Qi’ or ‘Chi’ in China and ‘Prana’ in India), which means a vital energy or animating force. The word ‘Ki’ is termed as the basis of all existence. Reiki is an even connective force originating from higher consciousness than ‘ki’. Collectively, the term ‘Reiki’ refers to the supreme basis of every existing being. Reiki healing foundation has established many centers across the world to teach and treat individuals. Similarly, there are many Reiki healing centre in Delhi that part essential Reiki learning and treatment of several ailments through Reiki.

How Reiki Heals Body Of Human Being

How Does Reiki Heal Human Ailments

As described earlier, Reiki is an Intelligent Force that helps successful completion of healing process. The intelligence behind the force urges Reiki practitioner to start healing process with just a positive intention. Other healing modalities require the practitioner to consciously direct and arouse energy all over the body system. While practicing Reiki, the direct stimulation or conscious direction of Reiki energy to a body (or any specific body part) is not needed at all. In fact, Reiki has its own consciousness that precisely knows what is required for every human, animal or situation.

The Channel

A Reiki practitioner, also referred as a ‘healer’, behaves like a channel that stimulates pure Reiki Energy to flow through its body into the body of the individual under treatment. The Reiki master uses certain symbolic hand movements and mental energies using its own Intelligence to work in the most miraculous way.


The healing process requires unique treatment for every individual case. However, the basic implementation of the process remains identical for every case. More precisely, Reiki is believed to be the primal energy of the universe, which is guided and directed by the supreme consciousness of the healer. Do not consider Reiki to be something that has miraculously descended from the heaven. The healing ability inherited by Reiki is so effective because it is a basic part of every living and non-living beings. Reiki masters know that Reiki should treat oneself first before attempting to treat anybody or anything. Since Reiki knows you as well as your needs, so it heals you faster than you can imagine.

Reiki for Everyone

Reiki Healing Foundation has initiated that Reiki is meant for everyone. There are many Reiki Healing Centers in Delhi, which provide treatment and training to every interested individual. Reiki uses energy healing as the basis to heal affected individuals and situations. Therefore, we can also term Reiki to be an effective energy healing therapy.

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