Changing For The Better: People and Their Paces

Make your life healthier by changing for the better. People are not the same. They have different paces.

Time traverses fast, and a lot of people are going with the flow of things. A lot of them adapt to the changes and end up successful in life. However, have you ever thought of the people who don’t make it to the top? How about the ones left behind?

A lot of those people who fail to adapt to the times find themselves in this familiar situation:

You’re 25 years old, and you open your Facebook profile. It’s the usual: Basketball scores, fake news links, and lavish dinners with a hundred likes.

Before you decide to stop scrolling, you see your old best friend whom you haven’t talked to in a while. You see photos of him getting married to that girl in your class. You see a lot more pictures of your class on that wedding day, sort of like a mini reunion.

You see Roger; he’s a doctor and a practicing surgeon. Claire is at the bottom left; She’s a herpetologist. Then there’s Dirk; he’s the tall guy. Dirk is playing basketball professionally overseas in the Euroleague. You look at the rest of the people in the picture and then it hits you: You see yourself.

Changing For The Better: People and Their Paces

You’re a couch potato on a bed with TV sets turned on. Fantasy football leader. A level 75 archer in World of Warcraft. Full of acne. You realize how little you are in comparison to all of the people in your class. When it comes to education, you don’t ever think of lagging behind your peers because you’re holding a degree in Robotics from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Regarding accomplishments, however, you’re at the back of the line. It wasn’t like this before. You graduated with high hopes of landing a job in Google. All of that went to a halt when you failed your interview. Now you’re here.

A lot of people find themselves in the situation mentioned above. A lot of people fall to the “reality” they perceive as final and permanent. The truth is, hope doesn’t ever die down. Everyone has their pace. People can achieve everything they aspire at their speed. It may seem impossible, but it only takes one move that will propel you in the right way towards success.

It’s also important to note that success is a very “subjective” thing for most people. A 99.5% can be a failure for someone’s standards, while a 75% can be enough for a celebration for others. The only thing that matters is finding that one move that will push you towards your dreams.

It could be a spiritual journey or an accident. It could be jealousy towards your mates. It could be because your wife is pregnant. What’s important is that you stay focus on that path. Eventually, you’ll find yourself on the road towards success. Don’t ever give up when everything’s a mess. Don’t let your guard down if you’re short of your goal.


Always remember that success is different for each and every one of us. Each path that we choose leads us to multiple ways of achieving our goals. If you’re stuck in the moment and can’t get out of it, focus on that one thing that will drive you to move. Once you’re motivated, nurture the passion for propelling forward whenever you’re feeling down. Change your life and be healthier with the help of

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