You Need To Know: Ways To Prevent Bedsores

Preventing bedsores by understanding them and choosing the right beds.

Bed sore is a condition that is common to bedridden patients. Bedsores are commonly known as pressure ulcers which develops if the pressure on the skin is too much. If the body doesn’t experience any movement, it prevents sufficient blood flow to the skin that deprives any nutrients and oxygen.

Mostly bed sores affect the areas that contain fewer muscles and fat. The tailbone, shoulder blades, heels, hips, and elbows are the common position for the sores. These sores can cause both pain and discomfort. Also, it can lead to infections, like cellulitis and meningitis.

You Need To Know: Ways To Prevent Bedsores

Better Understanding About Bed Sores

As stated, bedsores develop if constant pressure on a particular area of the body. The insufficient blood flow to the parts causes the sore to form. The common areas that bed sores usually develop are on the elbows, ankles, back, hips, tailbone and shoulder area.

The initial signs of bed sore usually appears as a red area on the skin that is warm when touched. Sometimes, the area can be itchy or painful. If the person suffering from it is unable to move, let a doctor or nurse know to treat the area before it fully develops as a sore.

If the wound is untreated, the damage will expand into the skin, muscles, joints and tissues. Worst case scenario is when the wound gets deeper, both muscles and bones can be visible. For the extreme case, amputation is unavoidable.

If someone is currently on bed rest, here are several things that help to prevent bed sores.

Turn Your Body Once in Awhile

If currently watching over of a bedridden patient, it is advisable to move their body at least every 30 minutes to two hours or at least 15 minutes for patients in a wheelchair. It is not necessary to move to different furniture, but only the position must be different. It helps in avoiding any pressure on the same area of the body. Maybe turning from left side to right side or elevating the position using a pillow or cushion.

If the patient is injured like the ones in the spinal cord, carefully move them to a position that wouldn’t create any further injury.

Use a Special Mattress

Air, gel or water in bed or foam that are manually or automatically readjusting on a regular basis is a great tool. Regular bunk beds are not advisable. However, there is a special mattress which you can get on Beds Online that offers a big help in reducing the pressure on the body.

It can help a patient in avoiding any area as the focus for pressure. Air-filled or water-filled the best kinds to lessen any pressure to any areas of a patient’s body. Mattresses of this nature are available at a medical supply store.

Provide proper nutrition and healthy skin

An unhealthy body is another contributor to developments of bed sores. Sores usually develop faster when a patient is unable to take needed calories properly. The patient should have a balanced and proper diet like eating fruits, and vegetable, lean meats, and whole grains. Always keep track on checking any dietary restriction that a patient you are taking care has. Be mindful in assessing any individual nutritional needs of a particular patient.

A balanced and proper nutrition allows the skin to stay hydrated. If the patient has a clean and hydrated skin, developing a bedsore is less likely to happen.

Use a towel or wash rag and pat on the dry skin. As much as possible, taking a bath on a regular basis will help in protecting the skin. Also, moisturizing creams and lotions will aid in keeping the skin soft and gentle.


Bed sores are pains that might cost discomfort to anyone. There are certain ways to prevent any bedsore to develop. Also, bony skin areas are most likely the prone infected areas.

Among the many ways, the three basic steps that can help in preventing bedsores are not staying in one place or moving at least every two hours. Then using special mattress and keeping the body healthy and the sky hydrated.

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