How To Design A Website That Grabs The User’s Attention?

When we look at a breathtaking scene how intensely we long to spend some more time admiring the beauty of the scenery. Same applies to a website. A breathtaking web design is all that it takes to make the user willing to stay back and have a look at what the website is all about and further go on to become a potential customer. Designs are more than just the colors, fonts, textures and layout. It is how well you are able to keep your users hooked using these elements.

How To Design A Website That Grabs The User's Attention?

Tips to Design an Eccentric Website

Let me walk you through some of the knacks of crafting a website that each and every web design firm would swear by.

1. Do not confuse the user. Keep it is simple, clear and elegant. Use fonts that are legible enough for the users to glance through and understand what the words mean.

2. Keep the sentences short and sweet. Make use of only a handful of relevant texts that portraits the central idea of the website. This should define the purpose of the website, why the user should visit the website, how the user will get assisted, etc. are some of the questions that need to be answered for an eloquent content.

3. Let there be some space to breathe. Rationally arrange the contents, the call to action buttons, icons and images, so that they do not end up crowding the website.

4. Refrain yourself from using too many elements. We all have heard the saying – “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Hence, pick only those that are necessary and relevant to the business.

5. Difficult to understand roads are often less trodden. Hence make sure that your website makes it easy for the users to navigate from one place to another with much ease and tranquility.

6. How about including carousels in your website? It sounds good, isn’t it? When it comes to being practical, the use of carousels disrupts the attention of the users to a certain extent. The use of carousels is a fad that will soon see an end as it is quite distractive in nature. There are chances that the user would notice only the first slider where the rest are ignored, provided the designs are attractive to move ahead. Hence avoid using a carousel.

Final Note

It takes minutes and hours to craft a website, but when it comes to deciding the fate of a website, just a few seconds to the final judgement. There are many factors that contribute to the prestige of a website and one among them is its design. A web design firm understands the value of each and every second and hence chooses to stay by some of the foolproof tips that help with the designing of a website that gets the user’s attention.

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