Casein Protein Benefits

Of the several proteins present in milk, Casein is the primary one. The other well-known milk protein is whey. Casein makes up for almost 3/4th the protein content in milk. Needless to say, it has several health benefits and promotes better results for those who are looking to achieve specific physique goals.

Casein Protein Benefits

What Does Casein Protein Do?

In comparison to Casein Proteins, whey proteins are more popular. The two protein supplements differ mainly in the manner in which they are absorbed by the body.

Whey proteins are a fast protein source. This means that immediately after you consume it, your body gets a spike of amino acids. On the other hand, casein is a slow protein source. The amino acids are released slowly. The effect of both proteins is almost similar when it comes to the effect on the development of muscles.

However, since whey proteins release amino acids too quickly, they are eliminated at the same rate, causing some wastage. Casein proteins give your body a continuous source of amino acids which means that the amino acids already present in your muscles are not used up.

There are two types of casein protein supplements that are available:

  • Micellar Casein – This is commonly found in protein powder and is digested slowly.
  • Casein Hydrolysate – This is predigested form of casein that is immediately absorbable.

There are several casein protein powders available. One of the most effective and popular ones are MuscleBlaze Blend Protein and MuscleBlaze Micellar Casein Supplement.

The former contains 24 grams of protein per serving which is of 40g. This serving includes micellar casein and calcium caseinate. The latter contains 24 grams of pure micellar casein per serving which is of 35 grams. Both supplements are loaded with BCAAs or branched chain amino acids. They also contain special digestive enzymes that make it easy to absorb nutrients.

What are the Benefits of Casein Protein Powder?

Casein Proteins are beneficial because of the way in which the body imbibes them. There are several benefits such as:

  1. It stays in the body for Longer Periods of time
    Casein is called a time- release protein. This means that the digestive system absorbs it very slowly. This is very useful when you have long gaps between your meals. In these cases, the amino acids within the muscles are used up by the body leading to muscle breakdown.
    Since casein releases amino acids slowly, your body has a more consistent supply for a longer period of time. For this reason, casein is also called anti-catabolic. It reduces the use of amino acids as fuel, aiding better muscle development.
  2. Aids muscle Growth and Recovery
    Casein protein powders are loaded with Branched Chain Amino Acids, especially Leucine and Valine. They are essential for the recovery of the muscle fibers. This means that you have lesser muscle soreness which helps you workout better. Quick recovery also improves the overall strength and power of your muscles. As discussed before, the muscle breakdown reduces when you consume casein protein supplements. As a result, the development is fast and consistent.
  3. Acts as an Anti-oxidant
    Casein Proteins are known to boost immunity according to several studies. One important factor for this is the ability of this supplement to oxidize free radicals. There are certain peptides in casein proteins that are extremely anti-oxidizing by nature. Casein proteins are known to have anti-bacterial properties and also reduce blood pressure considerably.
  4. Aids Fat Loss
    The slow digesting property of casein proteins keeps you fuller for longer. This reduces any chances of binge eating or excessive eating. Studies show that casein proteins are among the most filling nutrients available. You get a source of pure proteins without any excessive carbs and fat.
    Since casein is slow digesting, the metabolism of the body is maintained at a higher level. In addition to that, proteins require several calories more in order to be digested and absorbed by the body effectively. As a result, the calories that you consume are effectively used by the body as fuel instead of being stored as fat.
  5. Helps Teeth and Bones Become Stronger
    According to studies, acid erosion of the teeth enamel is prevented when you consume casein proteins. They also help in improving the quality of the tooth enamel. Casein protein supplements also contain calcium which is essential for stronger teeth and bones.

When should one Consume Casein Proteins?

It is best to consume casein proteins before bed. One serving of a casein protein supplement takes about seven hours to digest completely. Ideally, casein protein should be taken anytime when your body is going to go without any nutrients for several hours. If the blood stream runs out of amino acids, the body begins to use the ones stored in the muscles as an alternative.

Casein proteins can also be consumed with smoothies and puddings. It is advised that you consume casein as recommended by a certified health expert . When you consume casein proteins before bed, you prevent any unnecessary protein breakdown. Taking one recommended serving which is between 35-40 grams with water about 30 minutes before you go to bed will give you good benefits. Protein synthesis, which is essential for muscle development, is improved when you do so.

Who should not take Casein Proteins?

There are no negative effects on health with the consumption of casein proteins. There are some exceptions however. The following individuals should avoid consumption of casein supplements:

Those with liver or kidney diseases. Anyone who is recommended to reduce protein intake per day should avoid these supplements.

Avoid taking casein supplements if you are lactose intolerant. Although lactose is found in a very small quantity in these proteins, there can be some side effects.

For some people, casein proteins can lead to very mild side effects such as bloating. They may also experience slight digestive issues. Besides this, there are no known ill effects of consuming casein supplements.

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