Children’s Prevention from The Jeopardy Of Thermal Shock and Heatstroke

Children due to the immaturity of the mechanisms of thermoregulation thermal shock can develop with a relatively low temperature of the external environment and a fairly short thermal effect. With an easy degree of heat stroke, the baby becomes moody, sluggish, complains of nausea and headache, does not want to play, tries to lie down, loses appetite. The pulse is rapid, the face is hyperaemic, the pupils are dilated. Skin sweaty, hot to the touch, while the body temperature usually does not exceed 37 degrees. Often there is vomiting and nosebleeds.

Children’s Prevention from The Jeopardy Of Thermal Shock and Heatstroke

However, at an average severity level, headache, lethargy and poor health, impaired coordination of movements, unsteadiness of the gait, tachycardia, difficulty breathing and frequent vomiting is reported as per the investigation of online essay help UK. The body temperature is raised to 39 degrees, so many of the victims have experience fainting. With a severe degree of fever develops, a convulsive syndrome is observed, body temperature is raised to 40-41 degrees, a coma is possible. 

Prevention for children

Emergency medical care is provided by first-aid workers, reanimatologists, cardiologists and other specialists. If necessary, perform an indirect message of the heart, make artificial respiration. Intravenous infusions of saline solutions are carried out cordyamine is injected subcutaneously to normalize the cardiac activity. If the severity of the victim is severe, they are hospitalized, resuscitation is carried out, including intubation, catheterization of the subclavian vein followed by infusion of solutions, stimulation of cardiac activity, oxygen therapy, etc.

Prevention of heat stroke also consists in the use of clothes made from natural materials, regular airing or installing air conditioners, drinking enough liquid, excluding heavy physical activity during the hottest hours, wearing light hats while on the street. When working in conditions of increased thermal conditions, one should take short breaks every hour and choose suitable overalls.

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