How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without SEO

You may have heard a lot about effective search engine optimisation techniques, but here in this article, we will talk to you about different methods (besides the SEO strategies) through which you can increase the traffic to your website. Experts, who did extensive research on the web traffic pattern have found out that traffic to a website comes from 7 major sources. They are:

  • Direct
  • Search
  • Referral
  • Paid
  • Social
  • Email
  • Others

Among these, direct and search constitute more than 75% of the incoming traffic. This study shows that a visitor to your website is someone who either knows about your product or searching for similar products online. Such visitors are very high quality in respect of conversion as they know what they’re looking for and are ready to pay for it.

In the same research, it was also found that social media constitute only 6% of the traffic. Therefore, the question arises whether it is economical to have an extensive social media campaign to improve the brand recognition of a product. While research has shown that social media constitute only 6% of the traffic its importance in brand recognition cannot be denied. Many visitors who used direct as well as search engine to look for a product were found to be influenced by the social media about the product and its uses. Therefore, Advertisement in the social media is really helpful in improving traffic to your website.

Besides the social media, you can also post online ads to improve the brand recognition of your product. However online advertisement should be targeted properly. Therefore, when you are posting online ads make sure that the ads are both attractive looking as well as targeted properly.

You can also use guest blogging to make sure that people know about your product. Guest blogging is the process in which you write blog post in some of the most popular websites which serve the same market that you want to serve. If you want to use this technique than the first thing you have to do is find such popular blog post that write on subjects that are similar to your products and they are willing to accept guest blogs from you. It has been observed that by writing blogs, the conversion rate can increase dramatically.

Another way to influence the traffic movement to your website is through blog commenting. To do this you have to first find out the influencers in your industry. Here the influencer relates to those popular blogs that are followed by a large number of people. You can also follow these blogs and make some knowledgeable comment on the posts. You will find that many of the followers may either like your comment or express their views on your comment. This may lead to curiosity on the part of many of such followers to look into your profile, which will lead them to your website. If you are lucky, then the website owner may comment on your views or may like your website and follow it. This will lead to a greater influx of visitors to your website.

To improve traffic to your website, you can also give expert opinion about those subjects which is related to your product in such websites that offer question and answer to the viewers like Quora. Developing the reputation of an expert in your field by answering questions pertaining to your field you will gain you the trust of people. After you gain their trust, you can post the link of your website in your profile so that those people who wish to know about you can visit your website also.

Social media can also influence the traffic movement to the website. However, when you are thinking about social media then you realise that different social media platform serves different kind of people. For example, LinkedIn is essentially used by the professionals who want to create networks and are looking for some skills online. Facebook, on the other hand, is used by people who like to see information about any subject. Instagram, on the other hand, is used by two communicate with images. You have to choose the right kind of social media platform that will enable you to target those people who are potential consumer of the product. This will also improve traffic to your website considerably.

These are some of the ways through which traffic to a website can be increased substantially without resorting to SEO strategies.

Author Bio:

Anil Kumar is a Digital marketing expert and working as a Sr. SEO in renowned digital marketing agency Addictive Media. He has five years plus experience in digital marketing arena. He helps many big brands to rank on Google’s first page and improve their sales through digital marketing platforms.

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