Boost Your Inner Peace With Fragrances Of Traditional Indian Attars

Attar is a a fragrant essential oil made from rose petals. It follows a process of extracting scent from flowers, herbs, and various botanical sources and wood species as well. Traditional Indian attars are the most popular items in fragrance industry which are extracted from different flowers. With the help of different distillation processes, one can easily extract 100% pure and high-quality natural wild crafted essential oils, flower oils, and much more.

According to traditional Indian attars manufacturers, attars that are extracted from natural sources e.g. flowers are free from synthetic materials and safe to use for external purposes. The attars are 100% organic than artificial perfume products. There is a variety of attars available in the market today. The only thing you have to consider, is to choose the right brand which produces the high-quality fragrance oil & wild crafted essential oils. So, if you want to buy any traditional Indian attars, first check their advantages & fragrance.

Here’s is a list of the most popular traditional Indian attars:

Rose Attar

With Rose flower, two types of oils are produced, which are used as essential oils and have some specific benefits:

  • It reduces blood pressure levels and provides relief from anxiety.
  • Rose attar is very effective for females during menstruation.
  • An aromatic scent of rose flowers is known as one of the most adorable fragrances, which gives your mind an excitement & sensation of joy.
  • Rose attar is effectively used to make your house environment more peaceful.

Chameli Attar

Another most poplar traditional Indian attars is Chameli attar. This fulfills your good health desire with antiseptic, and anti-depressant properties it contains. It is extracted from the jasmine flower.

Health advantages of chameli attar are:

  • It effectively works on depression & anxiety. It uplifts & enhances the mood in order to make it happier & cheerful.
  • This traditional Indian attar acts as a quick healer for cuts & wounds and prevents infection. Cough & Cold can be controlled with the help of chameli attar.

Frankincense Attar

From thousands of years, this specific traditional Indian attar has been widely used for cleansing an atmosphere purpose. This brings you with amazing mind’s peace and stability.

  • Relieves in joint and other pains caused due to inflammation.
  • Relieves in itching and back Pain.
  • Improves visual problems and immunity.


The traditional Indian attars and wild crafted essential oils are the easiest ways to improve your overall health. Select the genuine essential oils suppliers to get 100% pure products & full health benefits.

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