How to Buy an Engagement Ring That Meets Her Style and Is Within Your Budget?

Every individual, intending to get married desires that ideal moment when the man gives her woman a delightful engagement ring that she truly desired for. A man always wants to hear the word ‘yes’ as soon as he slips the engagement ring on her finger, and then, they live joyfully forever.

As a matter of fact, you would be astonished to know that truth is a long way from this fantasy dream. In this case, a well-known television show “Sex and the City” portrays the popular scene where Carries gets a secret look at the diamond ring her boyfriend bought for her and promptly threw up. 

Even though it might not be reasonable to anticipate that a man should be able to guess his fiancée’s preferences with regards to choosing an engagement ring, however, there are a few things he can remember that could help him with making the appropriate decision.

As far as Diamonds are concerned, they are the great stone intended for engagement rings; however, that doesn’t imply it will turn out to be the correct selection for all women. 

Dependent upon a range of reasons, from personal taste to ethical purposes, an increasing number of women like different types of engagement rings other than diamond. There are several alternative stones that are amongst the selections.

Settling on a decision regarding engagement ring should not be distressing; however, for some people it tends to be. With the help of a little effort and information, you can make this process straightforward.

Along these lines, you’ve finally decided not to remain single anymore. Well, if this is the case, then all you have to do is simply locate the ideal engagement ring and not go beyond your budget limits simultaneously. At this point, the real issue is to figure out: How to buy a perfect engagement ring by remaining within budget?

To Begin With, Know Your Budget Limit

In order to begin with this procedure, your primary step should be to decide the amount you can spend. This way, you will be able to limit your alternatives at the time of starting searching for rings. 

In this case, the traditional idea of spending two-month salary is not sensible. We as a whole have to pay bills and lives to lead, a large number of people cannot stand to put aside two months salary for a ring. 

As a matter of fact, there is no strict rule nowadays with regards to deciding on the amount of money to spend on an engagement ring. Thusly, the reality is to spend whatever amount you can bear to spend, or whatever amount you are comfortable with. 

In the event that you need to borrow a little amount of money, there is no big hassle, simply be certain that you will have the capacity to make the payment in the coming months. 

Get to Know Her Style 

As soon as you decide on a budget, the recommended next step is to find out the sort of ring she prefers, and then begin your search accordingly. This possibly will come as an amazement to a few; however, there are various styles of engagement rings. 

A few of the styles are as follows:

  • Several diamond shapes (in other words ‘cuts’)
  • Diamond set (or pave) settings 
  • Multi-stone rings 
  • Plain settings
  • Solitaire 

Contingent upon your partner, you possibly will already know precisely the style of ring she likes, if this is the case, then your life will get simpler. 

In case you’re on a total surprise route, you should be crafty and make use of the private information that you have regarding your partner. This could include, the type of jewelry does she wear? Has she at any point dropped little insights or made remarks about other individuals’ rings? If not, you should casually ask these sorts of inquiries without letting your intentions know.

Size / Sparkle 

As soon as you decide on a budget and know her style, the next step is to decide on the way to spend your money. Diamonds are dependent on their size, color, clarity and cut. A bigger diamond with low grades for color/clarity/cut possibly will cost a similar amount as a smaller diamond with high grades for color/clarity/cut. 

Likewise, with the help of a little research, you can acquire insight regarding the meaning of the ratings. At that point, determine in the event that your partner would be progressively fascinated by the size of the diamond, or the shine. 

This isn’t simple as you possibly will think: a bigger diamond without having a lot of sparkle because of low gradings is regularly significantly less alluring as compared to a smaller, progressively splendid diamond with higher gradings. 

Yet again, these are the kinds of things that are particular with your partner, so there truly is definitely not a clear answer.

Know Where to Look

At this point, you are prepared to buy an engagement ring; however, you likewise should be aware of the place where to buy one? This is basically now a similar procedure that you’d use at the time of purchasing anything such as clothes, electronics and so on. 

You can look around and compare the prices. You need to figure out which shops offer the best prices and satisfaction guarantees. In the event that you live in a smaller city or town, you will need to look at online retailers. In this case, the chances are higher that you will get the best-discounted prices as compared to your nearby shops.

Just to share a personal experience, the shops in specific cities offer low-grade diamonds at a lot of higher prices as compared to online retailers. Moreover, you can buy the diamonds online that are GIA inspected and higher quality.


At last, you need to be aware of the fact that everybody is different. There is not a single approach when it comes to purchasing a ring, however, as a wise customer, you unquestionably need to locate the most ideal deal, and do not compromise on the quality. 

Put some time and thought into the procedure. This is in all probability the most significant choice and acquisition of your life, make the most of it.

Author’s Bio:

Jayden Adriano writes articles with an intention to share his personal experience regarding engagement rings as well as rose gold diamond bangle. He likes to share real-life experiences and tips to avoid the most common hassles.

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