The Numerous Pond Problems and Why You Need to Employ Pond Treatment Companies

Homeowners try various options when it comes to improving the looks of the house both from the interior and exterior side. There is a wide variety of remodeling, renovation, and upgrades when it comes to the interior of the house but on the exterior side, homeowners have limited option. Lawns and garden are two of the favorite landscaping option for many homeowners but one of the new addition is a fish pond if there is sufficient space in the exterior space.

The Numerous Pond Problems and Why You Need to Employ Pond Treatment Companies

There are different types of ponds according to size and kinds. Some of the common ponds that differ due to different characteristics are a fish pond, natural pond, biological pond, koi pond, plant pond, and swimming pond. A fish pond is probably the most popular type when it comes to having a pond in the house. A fish pond is a pond which is made to keep fish but a person may take proper care to make sure that the quality of the pond is maintained. There are numerous problems that can affect the fishes and plants in the pond and a person needs to employ services of professional companies or contractors who clean the pond from waste and ensure that your pond is in good condition. The common pond problems include algae growth, muddy waters, and aquatic vegetation. The pond problems include

  • The excessive algae are damaging for the pond as this microorganism will consume the oxygen and nutrients
  • If the pond water is brown or muddy, it indicates that the pump and filter are not working efficiently
  • The fallen leaves from trees easily float on the surface of the pond and also accumulate at the bottom of the pond
  • There are certain plants such as water lily that gains excessive growth rising above the water surface then it means that the plant is not getting enough nutrients
  • The fishes are not getting nutrients or oxygen and growing unhealthy and eventually dying. Sometimes too many fishes in the small pond also make it difficult for fishes to get proper nourishment.
  • In winters the water in pond freezes and you need to move the fishes and container plants to a sheltered place.
  • In summers, the water evaporates quickly, and you need to check the water level every day.

If you have a pond in your backyard or beside the garden then maintaining it could be difficult as it is not easy to maintain a large body of water with fishes and plants. You have to employ services of backyard pond companies who know how to identify and solve various pond problems expertly. The pond maintenance depends upon the size of the pond you have along with the location of the pond in your house. A regular pond treatment is necessary to ensure the health of the fishes and plants, remove the bad waste and odors from the pond, and improve the pond condition. The main tasks of the pond repair expert are to identify both the major and minor problems with the pond and solve it. The pond repair expert takes care of any bad odors, weeds, or mosquitoes that are affecting the health of the pond. A professional pond treatment company perform the following tasks

  • Inspecting the quality of water and taking steps to improve it
  • Controlling the insects and weeds
  • Ensuring protection for the ecosystem that surrounds the pond
  • Removing algae which is the main problem of pond
  • Process of aeration and maintaining the filtration mechanism

The maintenance of pond differs from time to time and season to season. There are regular checks needed in the spring and summer months as plants grow quickly and fishes also need constant care. The autumn and winter months are quite crucial particularly the winters if you live in quite a cold environment. In winters, the main question is making the pond livable and in extreme weather, the pond may freeze and you have to shift the fishes to another container. You need to contact a pond treatment company who can send an expert to remove the dead plants, leaves, and fish from the pond and prevent it from freezing in the cold weather.

The main and essential component of the pond is water and pond treatment companies first test the quality of water. There are several tests that can be performed depending upon the pond problems. The quality of water in the pond is mostly determined by the substances that are dissolved in it. The substances that are used for testing include Calcium and Magnesium. Apart from the substances the pond also contains gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas which is quite poisonous. The pond treatment company may use a water test kit to know the quality of water and the pH, GH (German Hardness) and CH (Carbonate Hardness) levels in the pond. The conditions of the pond that you notice and contact a treatment company are

  • When the water in the pond turns green or turbid
  • When this is slimy algae growth
  • When the plants in the pond are not growing properly and dying
  • When the fishes in the pond start to behave strangely

There is a complete ecosystem cycle that works in a pond. The biological waste is converted into nutrients by bacteria and then used up by water plants which then give oxygen. Even if you have expertly built a pond and take care of everything from water quality to filtration system, problems can arise and algae growth is the most significant problem. Different kinds of algae can grow in a pond such as beard algae, brown algae, fibrous algae, and blue-green algae.

Algae is formed when the water plants cannot efficiently remove the nutrients from the pond. A large amount of nutrients prove to be an advantage for algae that feed on them. The algae growth is noticeable with a green mass on the surface and underneath the pond. The pond treatment companies mostly use a UV-C (ultraviolet) filter that will eliminate algae, molds, and germs through ultraviolet radiation. Other types of filters can also be used which includes floating filters, flow filters, pressure filters, and multi-chamber filters. The steps that the pond treatment company will do to prevent algae growth are

  1. Grow more plants in the pond
  2. Efficiently remove the dirt from the bottom of the pond
  3. Clean the filter
  4. Remove the fibrous algae from the pond
  5. Regularly check the quality of water and adjust the water values

Apply substrate on the bottom of the pond

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