5 Impressive Ceiling Design For Living Room

Ceiling makes a room look attractive. In this article, we will review ceilings designs that will change the appearance of the living room. People often skip ceiling designs during the home renovation process. We are so busy in selecting the wall color, furniture designs, and other necessary decorations while upgrading a house that we often oversee the ceilings. Great ceiling design possess the magic to fill any room with coziness and style and transform it from an ordinary living space into a luxurious and elegant place to be at.

A beautiful ceiling can improve the overall outlook and ambiance of the room. The right color shade of the ceiling will aslo have a great impact on mood and atmosphere of the room. A dark colored ceiling surrounded with lightly shaded walls gives an impression of a cozy, warm and intimate place. On the other hand, light colored ceilings make the room spacious and broad. These days, a variety of ceiling designs are available to choose from. Ceilings are essential for guaranteed improved appearance, which looks not only impressive but also worth each penny spent! Some of the ceilings designs are ideal for living rooms, and will be described below:

Drop Ceiling for Living Room

5 Impressive Ceiling Design For Living Room

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Sick of the plain conventional ceiling? Drop ceiling, also known as suspended ceiling, is a perfect ceiling design. This design is highly recommended for living rooms as it splashes the space with softness, warmth, and intimacy. The drop ceiling is built below the original ceiling, with the ceiling panels- mostly manufactured from the weightless material- arranged in a grid.

The hollow space between the roof and ceiling panels is utilized for hiding or placing materials such as electric wires, water pipes, etc. that would otherwise spoil the appearance if exposed. Installation of dim lights can add dramatic effect. Since it decreases the room height, suspended ceiling is considered suitable for the room having altitudes of more than 4 inches. One can further make the room look fancy by using decorative panels that are laid in different patterns to enhance the appearance.

Wooden Ceiling Designs

5 Impressive Ceiling Design For Living Room

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Wooden ceiling gives a rustic look to the living room. Among various styles of ceilings that use wood, wooden cathedral ceilings is one of the famous and trending ceiling design. It uses wood as the primary material for the construction of beams; beams laid with eye-catchy textures add a splendor and beauty to the room. The height of cathedral ceilings increases the overall volume which makes the room spacious and airy.

Despite the charming outlook, insulation, as well as ventilation, may be some of the issues associated with cathedral ceilings. Due to the ceiling height, lights should be hung low to illuminate the spacious room properly or by adding a floor lamps. To be precise, cathedral ceiling is ideal for large living rooms. Apart from this, coffered ceiling design is also an alternative option which uses wooden beams to create grid type pattern on the ceiling.

Tray Ceiling Designs

5 Impressive Ceiling Design For Living Room

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Tray ceiling designs are quite popular these days, especially for living and dining rooms. Tray ceilings are available in two styles: recessed tray and inverted tray. In recessed ceiling design, the central portion is higher than the surrounding ceiling panels. Opposite to the recessed ceiling, inverted tray ceiling consist of lowered central portion of the ceiling from the perimeter. This design allows hanging light fixtures along such as pendant lights and light globes making the room subtle and elegant. Living room appears pleasing when the crown mouldings are installed along the tray ceiling sides.

Vaulted Ceiling

5 Impressive Ceiling Design For Living Room

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When not enough sunlight entering the room- vaulted ceiling can be a solution to this problem. Vaulted ceilings curves upwards which give an impression of a huge living room, just like the function of the cathedral ceiling. However, vaulted ceilings have unequal sloping sides which distinguish from the cathedral ceiling. Though the elevated ceiling gives spacious room, one has to carefully install the lights to ensure that the room properly lightens up. Usage of hanging and pendant lights can be suitable for this purpose.

Apart from these styles, cove and shed ceiling can also be used for living rooms. Since we spend the majority of our time in living rooms and enjoying with the friends and family members, it deserves to be fantastic and relaxing. Hence, this can be attained by the installation of the aesthetic ceiling to produce a soothing ambience.

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