Things To Keep In Mind For A First Time Bus Traveler

The first thing that you will ask yourself if you ride a bus is “Am I gonna be safe here?” For you to avoid freaking yourself out, here are the things that you would need to keep in mind if you are riding a bus.

Things To Keep In Mind For A First Time Bus Traveler

Your Route Matters

If you are traveling for a vacation and you are not sure whether your route is safe or not, you can research about it. It’ll be helpful to know if there was a recent accident that occurred there, or if they are fixing the roads or if it’s prone to natural calamities, like a recent landslide.

There would be two possibilities after researching, your route is safe and you are ready to go, or you would need to postpone your vacation because of a recent incident.


Packing just the necessities on your trip is a must. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable during the whole trip because of keeping an eye on all your baggage. One to two bags is enough. Unless you have someone with you, then you might consider exceeding the number.

Your Life Is More Important Than A $100

Most of the bus terminals usually offer cheap tickets. However, the question is “Is it worth it?” You will need to consider if the bus you are going to ride is safe. Does it have one to two drivers, especially if you’re traveling at night? Does it have maintenance? Are the seats comfortable enough? Do you feel safe riding that bus? These are the things you would need to consider before buying that $1 ticket.

Spending a little too much is okay, especially if it means you’re safe and you’re still gonna see the one who is waiting for your arrival.

Choosing Your Seat

If you are not sure if the company has bus accident compensations, then you should choose your seat carefully. Although, if you feel safe in your position then go for it. Here are some myths that most of the people believed in when it comes bus seats.

Front Seats

Although some people loves the front seats because they can quickly go down once they reached their destination, it is usually being avoided by those extra vigilant passengers. Why? They thought ahead of time and believed that if an accident happens, those who are sitting in front are the one who will die first since they are vulnerable to head-on collision.

Back Seats

Another myth that other passengers believed in is if they sit at the back of the bus, aside from being vulnerable from rear-end collision, they are also vulnerable to explosives.

Window Seats

It might sound safe for some, but not for the myth believers? Why? Those people who are sitting beside the windows are vulnerable to incoming vehicle accidents.

Aisle Seats

The extra vigilant passengers favorite. Why? They believed that this is the safest seat in the bus.

Some of these myths might be comprehensible, or you might think it’s absurd. However, as long as you feel comfortable with your chosen seat and the one who is sitting beside you, then that is more than enough.

Keep Your Valuables

If you don’t want to attract those thieves, then you would want to hide your valuables. However, putting them all together is a no-no. If you have secret pockets on your pants, you might want to use them for your credit cards or cash. You might also want to hide some in your shoes, like your expensive pieces of jewelry.

It’s not being judgemental to other passengers. Rather it’s being extra careful since you cannot guarantee what is going to happen on your whole trip.

Survival Starter Pack

The last thing you would want to feel during your trip is to feel hungry. So instead of bringing just beauty products and a bunch of clothes, you also need to bring with you energy food like chocolates, salad, soda or pizza.

If you are thinking of buying food on the road, keep in mind that the bus is not your personal service, and they are just following specific stops. You cannot just ask the driver to pull over anywhere just because you want to buy something because you are hungry. That would be a big hassle for other passengers who are in a hurry.


If you are going to have a long trip, then do some fun things to enjoy your bus ride. You might want to start some small talks with another passenger, and even be friends with them. You can also start watching your favorite series or movies. Or it may also be the right time for you to ponder on a specific thing that is bothering you mind, lately.

Just try to have fun and be creative, and you will totally enjoy the ride.


Experiencing things for the first time will always be memorable for everyone. However, if you want to keep it extra memorable then try to do some things that you will never forget. Let your first bus trip be your most epic trip ever.

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