Easy Money in Canada: TOP 10 Original Professions For Students

This is a typical situation for students to ask for a job while they are studying. So, what does the government say? The government of Canada affirms that all foreign students that are involved in the long-term education contracts, have a right to work for 20 hours a week for the full working day during their holidays. Pay attention that you cannot work officially if the term of your education is before 6 months.

Work On Campus

The students have a right to work on campus of the college or university. You do it need to get additional permit to work. So, you can work as a campus student if:

You are the student of the day form of education of the local college or university or CEGEP in the province of Quebec.

You are the student of the private university that works and lives according to the general educative rules to get government help for development in form of 50% of general profit.

You are the student of the private educational establishment in the province.

You can work as a campus student only if you have the student visa, or Student Permit.

Workshop - Students working

Work Off Campus

Students that study in the colleges and universities of Canada on the basis of the Student permit have a right to work for 20 hours a week off campus during their study and in the period of holidays. You do not need to get some additional permits. The criteria are the following:

Student permit;

You are the student of the daytime study form;

You must be the student of the official educational establishment in Canada: designated learning institution;

The term of your education must be about 6 months to get the professional diploma or certificate. These rules are not true for students whose Student permit is expired.

Additional Earnings

As you know, everyone wants to earn much money. If you are the student to live in Canada, you have a nice opportunity to have additional earning. If you have some free time after study, you may try. This article is for you. You have to learn a couple of interesting and extraordinary ways of additional earning in Canada. Of course, everyone knows about the work in the fast-food cafes and restaurants. To get job in MacDonald’s or Tim Hortons is not difficult. This is the most popular way of additional money for students. Are there some additional ways of making money?

Shopping for a Deal

The first way of earning money must be the simplest one. You can work at home by shopping. You have to check in on one of the popular trade platforms like Kijiji.ca or Craigslist. These websites have millions and millions of selling posts to sell different things. Firstly, you can sell something from your personal things. You can buy something and sell it again for bigger price. For example, you may buy the broken laptop for 100$ and sell it for details for 1000$. It really works!

Online Shopping

Event Manager

The second way of additional money is also simple, especially for young and energy. It is called to work as an event manager. You have to stand at the exhibition stand or distribute leaflets for 50-100$ per day. You can find the agency to work in the internet to fill in the blank and wait for the invitation call.

Secret Shopper

The third popular way to get easy money is not difficult. Be the secret shopper! All you need is to learn English or French to fill in the application form and shopping reports. The work is strange and interesting! You may check in on the Sassie Mystery Shopping or Consumer Connection and start working. As a rule, the most of companies send your money back. So, this is a great opportunity to earn money and get something for free.

Movie Star

The next way of earning money is more than interesting. You can be the movie star. As you know, Canada is a place for many American films. They are cheaper in Canada. So, you are offered to be the part of the cinema industry or the movie star. Of course, you have to start as a part of the crowd scene. The beginners earn about 11$ per hour. So, this is a good start.

College of DuPage, Willowbrook and Hinsdale South High School Students Work the Camera at 'Paint It Black' 2017 15

Language Teacher

The next way of earning money is good for well-educated students. If you know one or many languages, you may be the teacher. You know, learning languages is very popular now. What is more, the salary can be about 25-30$ per hour. It is very good for students! You can easily find the website to place your CV.


This way of earning money is good for students, who are 21 and older to get the driving license of G category. Actually, Canada is rather favorable country for drivers. If you could not get a car, you can use one of many Canada under 25 car rental locations to earn about 30-35$ per hour. The opportunities are broad.


Buy the camera and become the high-paid photographer. Of course, if you are not a newcomer in photography, if you know everything about the exposition, portrait, you can reach a success. Just place your announcement in the web and wait for the order. The average price for shooting is 100$.

Music Teacher

This way to earn money is good if you know much about music. You can be the music teacher. Why do not you share your skill to play music instruments? Go ahead! You will be surprised of the sum you can earn. The most of parents are ready to pay for music lessons big money.

music trio


You can be the reporter in Canada. Why not? You live in Canada and able to speak about the latest student news, events and excursions. Just make the photos and write an interesting text for it. It is enough to walk down the street and find something interesting and meaningful do describe. Be good in writing and creative in your student position.

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