The Importance Of Exercise For Pets

Like us, our pets also need to be in the best shape as possible.

Keeping healthy is a part of living well. Just like you need exercise for a healthy lifestyle, your pet needs to be active to reduce stress, maintain a fit weight, and keep disease and sickness at bay. When it comes to your pet, any type of activity that gets them moving and working their muscles will do, allowing you to easily make it a part of your daily routine.

The Importance Of Exercise For Pets

Bid Farewell To Bad Behaviors

Exercising your dog on a regular basis will also work to help to keep reduce bad behaviors. This allows your furry friend to use up that pent-up energy and prevent the need to chew, jump or scratch at things they shouldn’t.

Just like humans, pets need to release stress daily, and a stroll around the block can work wonders to calm them, tire them out, and help them relax. This is a good way to reduce hyperactivity in dogs and get them to listen better as they are not preoccupied or consumed by the excessive energy overtaking their bodies.

Your dog may also have attention seeking behaviors such as barking and whining which can be controlled with a fun activity that you both enjoy. Try going to a dog park or play a game of catch with them to get their mind off the need to constantly have your attention.

Think about when you have a good workout at the gym. It allows you to get your frustrations out and helps take your mind off the worries of the day. It works the same way for your dog, as well as your cat, and can help modify behaviors that you are having trouble managing with training. The more your dog or cat is able to have an outlet to release stress, the easier they can listen and obey commands.

Say Goodbye To Health Problems

When it comes to keeping your pet at a healthy weight, exercise can prevent obesity in dogs and cats. Obesity can lead to other health problems which could have simply been prevented with a little walk each day.

If your pet is overweight, it could develop diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer or have respiratory issues. Getting your pet’s weight under control can be done by introducing some light exercise into their regular schedule . Start slow and work your way up.

If you have a dog, start with a short walk building up each time. Cats can be exercised as well with games. Try using a feather chaser or a laser pointer that will not only get their attention but will get them moving as well. This also helps prevent hip joint problems in your pet, especially in certain breeds of dogs where it is common.

Embrace An Exercise Routine For Your Pet

Starting an exercise regimen for your pet doesn’t have to be elaborate. You can use what you have available to you and fit it into your lifestyle as necessary. Keep in mind the size and type of pet you have as to how much you can exert them.

Some breeds of dogs like Pugs have respiratory issues and can’t take the heat. Senior pets should be given some care when it comes to exercise as they aren’t as spry as they once were and may not have the stamina to handle long distances or vigorous exercise.

Don’t forget about your pet cat as they too need exercise attention. Play with them and encourage them to be active with games that they like to play. A favorite toy is a good way to get their attention and evoke their playful side.

It is perfectly acceptable to create an exercise routine for your pet that fits your lifestyle too. If you like to run, by all means, jog with your dog by your side. If you into more leisurely sports casually walk around the neighborhood and take in the sights. No matter what type of activity you are doing, your pet will benefit from it.

Placing an importance on exercise for your pet can help make sure they live a long and healthy life. They will enjoy the time that you spend together on these activities and look forward to it as much as you do.

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