The important aspects of golf training that help passionate young people to play golf

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Golf is a very popular sport all around the world, but few people play it on a professional level. Golf is an individual sport where a person alone has to swing the golf club and pot the ball in the hole. Golf is considered as an expensive sport compared to other sports because of a few reasons. First of all, there are different types of golf clubs needed to play golf, and every club is quite expensive to buy. Secondly a person needs other golf equipment such as golf balls and golf bags which are also costly, and lastly, golf may seem like an easy sport, but it is not and requires several hours of practice and taking admission in the local golf club that offers tutorial and training to play golf for beginners.

Like every other sport, playing golf in the correct manner requires constant hard work along with physical and mental health. Golf may seem easy for people watching it on television, but in actual, there is a certain degree of skill and precision to hit the ball so that it lands near or in the hole. Young boys and girls passionate about playing golf should first know about the local golf club that offers golf training and lessons for beginners who want to learn to play golf and compete in the professional level in few years.

If you wish to play golf than you should get the basic golf equipment, the new golf clubs are quite expensive so you can either ask the golfers who play at the club if they have old or spare golf clubs which they can share. You can also look to buy used golf clubs through online stores at an economical price. You should buy five commonly used golf clubs, which are 7-iron, 9-iron, gap wedge, putter, and sand wedge. The second and most important thing for you is to learn the numerous golf rules which are mostly related to the scoring method and other important rules. The best way to get a grasp on how the rules apply is to watch the professional golfers on the golf course and how they play and note down their scores.

The main focus of golf training Canada is to make you learn the different techniques to swing the golf club and hit the ball at such an angle that it lands near or inside the hole. A normal golf course has 18 holes and the way you play a shot at each hole is given a name such as

  • 2 under par is called an Eagle
  • 1 under par is called Birdie
  • 1 over par is called Bogey; and
  • 2, 3 and 4 over par is called Double/Triple/Quadruple Bogey subsequently

The golf coach or instructor would first ask you to work on your fitness routine and follow a strict diet plan so that you are physically and mentally strong to learn and play golf. The golf coach would work on your posture, the grip on the golf club, your head, hip and wrist position, and the release of the shot. The best thing for you as a young golfer is to enjoy while playing and have the patience to learn from the common mistakes. Each golfer has a different set of special skills which are developed after spending hours in practice, and you should also develop your way to play a shot accurately.

The first thing while developing the swing is to visualize your shot, which will automatically improve your technique and shot release. Your body and head position also matter a lot, and a slight error in body movement can fail your shot. You should practice hitting the shot in the driving range to get the feel of the swing. The three important principles to remember while swinging the golf club are

  1. Bending the waist to get a better position

The slight bending of the waist allows for a more natural path that the body may take and help to hit the golf ball with precision. You should maintain a straight line along the back

  1. Doing correct ball positioning to calculate the ball flight

The main thing is how you hit the golf ball as it would determine the flight path it would take and whether the ball would land near or far from the hole.

  1. Positioning the feet

You should move your feet concerning the golf ball. If your feet are below the golf ball, then your swing would move the ball to the left of the intended hole and if your feet are high than the ball than the swing would push the ball to the right. You should adjust your feet with the alignment of your body and golf ball.

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