Greener As It Gets: 5 Renewable Sources You Need To Know About

It’s no surprise that people nowadays are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to energy consumption. Most of the time, the energy that is used to power up almost any activity imaginable, comes from sources that are finite. The fact that most reliable energy used today comes from limited sources means that someday, sometime, these will all dry up.

Examples of these non-renewable resources are fossil fuels, oil, coal, and most notably, nuclear energy. A world without power is a world that we cannot live in, and that is a reality that most of us will face soon enough.

However, advances in science have given people a lot of alternatives. These alternatives or more commonly known as Renewable Energy, are sustainable and can come from sources that we can easily generate. Here are some of the most effective sources that we can safely use in our everyday lives.


This source of renewable energy is organic and comes from plants and animals. A lot of research has been put in biomass as they are good sources of biodiesel which are good alternative sources as fuel for transportation. Crops such as corn, sugar cane, soybean, sunflower, palm, and many more, are proven to be effective in producing biodiesel.

Another Biomass-type fuel is Methane which comes from decomposing garbage, sewage, human and animal wastes, and other biodegradable materials. Methane is for producing electricity and heat.


When it comes to generating electricity, Hydropower is the largest and most efficient source. The word “Hydro” essentially means water. This type of energy relies on the power of the water cycle. When the energy generated from water is converted into electricity, it is now called Hydroelectric power.

Hydroelectric power comes from moving water. This fact is the reason why natural falls such the Niagara Falls in New York is a good source of hydroelectric power.

Wind Power

Windills on Shore

It’s crucial for us to know where the wind comes from. Wind is generated when the sun heats the surface of the earth. Due to the uneven surface of the earth, warm air that’s above the land begins to rise. The more massive and much colder air begins to take its place which then produce wind.

In the past and some cases today, people would often utilize windmills to harness the power of the wind. In more modern setups, high powered turbines now do the job more efficiently. Wind energy is still used to generate electricity.


This type of energy is the heat that comes from the earth. Since it’s natural, it’s safe, clean, and renewable. A good example of Geothermal energy is Steam. Steam is generated when water is heated, and vapor begins to form. The heat coming from steam is immense and at times, much hotter than a typical burning flame.

Geothermal energy often produces electricity, heat, and is often great for heating or cooling down buildings. Examples of natural sources of steam are the Northern California Geysers and the famous “Old Faithful” located at Yellowstone National Park.


alternative energy, building, clouds

Arguably the most famous source of renewable energy, solar energy is energy that comes from the sun. Ever since the beginning of time, the sun is continually heating the earth. It’s just recently that man has utilized the power of the sun to power up almost anything.

If people use turbines to get energy from the wind, they use solar panels to harness the power of the sun. Solar panels are abundant and can be bought just about anywhere, including online sites such as GStore. Aside from being a renewable type of energy, solar power does not produce any toxic substances.


Our primary methods of getting energy are finite and non-renewable. Aside from having a limitation, most of these ways produce harmful effects to the environment. Greenhouse emissions which primarily come from burning fossil fuels are just one harmful example.

It may seem impossible, but advances in science provide us with a lot of alternatives such as Geothermal Energy, Biomass, Wind Energy, Hydro Power, and most notably, Solar Energy. These renewable sources of energy are not only helpful but cleaner in terms of power.

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