If You Can’t Stop It, Prepare for It: Essential Things to Do Before A Disaster Strikes

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Emergencies and calamities may happen anytime, we have no control of it, and we can not stop it. It may occur at home, at work, or anywhere, that’s why everyone must take action before it takes place.  

Everybody must prepare for any unexpected disaster. We should always be aware of what to do on or before an emergency happens. We must take precautions and prepare ourselves for every risk that we might encounter.

Why Prepare?

Before we know what are the things we should do before a disaster, let us first discuss how important it is and why do we need to prepare for an emergency.

There are a lot of reasons why do we need to prepare for disasters, but the following are some of the most important:

  • Even though many emergency responders are trained for any unpredictable disasters, there are still chances that they may not able to reach you. With this scenario, being prepared is important because you have to look after yourself for how many hours or maybe even for days.
  • After an emergency or disaster occurs, utilities and other services may be cut off in your area. If you’re not prepared, you may have no access to communication, to light or even water.
  • For emergency situations like hurricane and storm, you may have time to prepare for two to three days as it can have prior notice from forecasters. But for cases like flash floods and earthquakes, you have lesser time to get things in order, that’s why you need to be ready before these things happen.
  • After disasters, you may not be able to get things that you need. Groceries and convenience stores might sell out, and other establishments may close. That’s why you need to prepare and stock some of your essential needs.   

These are just some of the significant reasons that we need to act before an emergency or disaster occurs. But how? What are we going to do?

How To Prepare?

To prepare for disaster, the first thing you should do is to know. You must know what the types of disasters and calamities that may occur in your area are. By doing this, you can have all the precautions that you need and prepare better according to what risk may happen. To help you prepare, here are some things that you need to do:

Have an Emergency Kit

Preparing an emergency kit is one of the most important things to do to get ready for a disaster. This kit can help you survive and lower the risk of getting hurt when encountering an emergency or a disaster.

In building your emergency kit, choose a container that is easy to carry and is waterproof. Be sure that the things you pack inside the bag are the essential things that you need and that it can last at least 3 to 5 days. To help you decide on what to pack for your emergency kit, here are the basic needs that you might consider:  

  • Food and Water. Pack at least three gallons of water, and foods that are non-perishable.
  • Clothing. Pack at least one to two outfit, it’s best if you have rain gear and durable sneakers.
  • Flashlight and Extra Batteries. Have a compact size flashlight and better have a waterproof and long-lasting one.
  • Radio. Get updated by bringing a portable radio.
  • Medicine and First-Aid Kit. It should have a thermometer, bandages, antibiotic ointments, sanitizers and petroleum jelly. Also, include your vitamins and other prescription maintenance.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool. Instead of bringing a knife, a scissor, tweezers, a can opener, or a screwdriver for emergency purposes, bring a multi-purpose tool to save space in your survival kit.
  • Extra Cash. Bring extra cash for variable and emergency expenses. 
  • Maps. Bringing a map is very important during disasters especially when evacuating. To keep you on track when you’re on your way to safest places.

Make A Plan:

Make a plan even when there is no notice of calamities in your area, it is the best way to keep your family intact during a disaster. Plan on how you can survive in emergency situations such as storms and floods.  

Discuss it with your family, and distribute the responsibilities. Practice it with them to prepare and reduce the risks that might get along with you during calamities.

Keep Updated

Know the type of calamities and emergencies that might happen in your locality. Be updated and understand how local authorities and responders will notify you of the disaster.

Be sure to have a communication device even when services go offline. These things are a great help to you when you’re up for evacuation.


Disaster and calamities are none of our control, these things might happen without prior notice, and it can make our lives go upside down, or worse take it. That’s why, for us to reduce the risk of getting hurt, we need to be ready and prepare for every emergency that may come along.

Knowing the essential things to do before a disaster happens is a good idea for preparedness. The information above can be an excellent help for your preparation. Also, sites like Deal Wiki is a good reference for your emergency needs.

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