Top 7 Hacks for University Life


Student life can be as much fun-filled as you allow it to be. For some students, living far from home can be a huge challenge. For others, it could involve attending themed club nights, unending parties and movie screenings hosted by the university society.

Nonetheless, living on a shoestring budget and far from home is no easy undertaking. It provides a steep learning curve, from throwing the first party, figuring out how to exercise without money or learning to cook meals that keeps the tummy from growling. Above all this, there are classes to attend and examinations to ace.

Therefore, some life hacks are required to get through the student phase in an intelligent way. These are some of the best life hacks for students:

  1. Tupperware Investment

Students should also invest in Tupperware pots. Once a big serving of something is cooked (for instance, lentil soup, casserole or curry), it can be consumed during the ongoing week. Stocking vegetables and taking home-cooked meal also saves surging costs.

  1. Colored Pens and Lectures

There are many benefits of noting down lectures with colored pens. Using colored pens of multiple colors helps in mapping thought pattern and allows to think deeper on the subject.

It also triggers the visual memory and gives a higher chance of recalling the notes. It is a performance booster of sorts and also works well in remembering the charts and graphs.

Do away with black and blue pens and indulge in the world of colors.

  1. Cooling Room

This hack is best on the lot. It is near-impossible to be productive in a room that is boiling from the inside. The human brain is an organ and requires its air to function. Glucose is required by human body to regulate and perform its daily functions. Hot temperature results in rapid depletion of body resources. This is why if the room is sweltering hot, hang a damp towel by the window and observe how quickly the room cools down.

  1. Recording Lectures

The frustration of failing to understand the notes written in illegible writing, to losing lecture notes by accident is inexplicable.

The tech savvy students have now started recording the lectures. It is helpful to record these lectures since it assists in recalling the information much more easily. Add to this, the notes that have been written down further eases studying.

  1. Pricing Comparison: Smart Shopping

For the students (but also adults), it is prudent to compare prices across different stores. This is where an app called comes in handy. It scans the best prices of the products on the market, which lessens the need of students undertaking this task on their own.

To slash more prices, students are also known to order at odd hours when prices are at their lowest. This ensures maximum saving on food products. In addition to this, people sharing the living space can divide this amount which further reduces the individual amount.

  1. Use the Stairs

It is not necessary to join a gym in order to stay active. Certain ideas can be adopted in this regard. A walk to the school is better than taking a bus daily. Apart from that, taking the stairs instead of the elevators can also greatly assist in squeezing in much-needed exercise.

Another option is joining student societies which undertake various outdoor activities; swimming, rock climbing or racing, which is a great avenue to exercise without hitting the gym. For diehard fans of gym, they can use student discount to head to their nearest gym.

Being healthy is much-needed at the university and remember to steer clear from freshers’ flu at all costs as it causes great distress.

  1. Forest and Focus

Students have been finding hacks to maximize their focus during exams. There is a galore of such learning aids to help students in this regard. GoConqr and Quizlet allows the students to create flashcards/notes to help memorize their lectures.

Given that the students may not carry their flashcards around all the time. The Quizlet app is rather convenient in this regard and all it takes is 5 to 10 minutes to read them.

Now, for the procrastinating students, Forest app allows students to increase their focus by planting a tree. When the phone is deliberately ignored, the sown seed grows in a tree. The app has partnered with Trees for the Future which allows the members to plant an actual tree after earning sufficient credits. It is a beneficial hack to get off the phone.

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