A Safety Guide For Open Houses

An open house is hosted by most of the agents to grasp the attention of buyers. This can increase the number of clients and promote the real estate industry of any country. So, if you are hosting an open house Dubai creek Harbour Properties for sale or showing houses in different places of Dubai, you must consider the following security incentives:

Replace Your Security Guards With Security Cameras: By installing security cameras at your open house will enable you to track number of people visiting your house. It can also protect the realtor from open house theft.  Unfortunately, if your open house has become a victim of theft, then there is no need to worry.  The images and videos captured through CCTV cameras can provide you the details of open house activities. All the critical places like entrance of open house, exit of open house and all the hidden items should be monitored.

Find A Trustworthy Agent: Finding a loyal and trustworthy agent is the most important factor of open house, because the agent has to guide about safety tips of the open house. For having a reliable open house agent you must take guidance from your family and friends who have already sold or bought a property in Dubai.

Seek Help from Neighbors: You can also take help from your neighbors to spy on your open house.  They can come to your open house as a buyer or seller and observe the activities of the suspected group.

Limit Access to Your Home: An effective method to secure your open house is to limit the number of people visiting your house. Make sure that all the doors of house are closed except the main entrance for open house.  This will help your agent to have a safe view of open house.

Host Open House in Day Time: Host an open house in day time, it will ensure safety and security. Otherwise if the agent is willing to cooperate at night make sure that your house is lightened.

Strict Entry Conditions:  You have to take serious actions for visitors entering and leaving the open house. By collaborating with the realtor you can guide them to check the ID card of every buyer and seller visiting open house.

All the above mentioned methods can keep your open house safe from identity thefts, robbery and suspected sellers.

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