Ideas about Indoor Activities for Summer in Dubai

When it comes to blazing sun and scorching heat, no one likes to step out of their home. Everyone likes to be a couch potato in an air-conditioned room. The same goes for Dubai where humans have transformed dessert into a place where they can live and enjoy all the luxuries. However, outdoor activities are quite limited due to humidity and heat.

If you are living in JVC Apartment for rent in Dubai, the same applies to you. Whether you are new to Dubai or living for quite a time, you might have felt the heat that limits your activities. In order to stay active and entertain yourself, you can take part in indoor activities. Let’s have a look at some of the indoor activities that you can take part in.

Opt for Gym Membership and Start Exercising

You might have gained weight due to zero activities during the scorching weather. Why not involve yourself in some activity that could help you shape up your body. If you think for a while, joining a gym would benefit you a lot in the summer season. Make sure to get membership of a gym near you that is equipped with latest equipment. By comparing the membership fee of different gyms near your area, you can also save some money.

Have a Splash in Pool

Summers are incomplete without partying at the pool with your friends and family. If you are bored of being a potato couch, make sure to go for a splash in the pool. The best thing about swimming is that it won’t only allow you to keep yourself cool but also helps you stay in shape. While swimming you will find every muscle being active and used, resulting in perfect shape of your body. The best thing about Dubai is that many housing societies offer free access to swimming pool to the residents. Don’t miss the opportunity if you are living there.


Snooker is a popular indoor game that wont take much of your energy. It is entertaining and also a great way to socialize with the community of people. There are several snooker clubs where you can join and have fun with people of your interest. Moreover, these clubs also offer food and drinks that would be a great way to spend time playing pool. Avoid being too lazy and join the club without constraining yourself in your house.

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