Is Your Child Addicted to Mobile Devices use parental control

Is your child cell phone addicted?

Does your teen rarely blink eyes while watching a mobile screen?

The world of internet, where people seek information for knowledge, solution, or entertainment, has infected our creativity to a large extent.

For any damn issue, search engines are the last resort. Without Googling, a person feels incomplete.

The earth seems too small, with the invention of smartphones. Nowadays, searching for information is on the tip of our fingers.

If adults are craving for gadgets, it is obvious that kids will follow the footsteps! It is impractical to keep kids away from gadgets because they need to shoulder with the fast-moving digital era.

However, as a parent, if your children are crossing the line, it is your responsibility to show them the right path.

Let us check the steps to reduce cell phone addiction with the use of parental control.

What is Parental Control and how it reduces Cell Phone Addiction?

Parental control is a software built to curtail kid’s device addiction. It is an application that enables you to monitor your child’s digital tasks.

When your teen is engrossed in a smartphone, a parental control app restricts its usage. Furthermore, it is highly advisable to monitor the content to which your child is exposed.

From the deep and dark water of the ocean, finding a pearl is a challenging job. While searching for a specific material, a child may easily come across inappropriate data. Hence to protect them, parental control app is inevitable.

Now let us scrutinize, how parental Control helps mitigate the risk of device obsession.

  • Curbing unnecessary hours spent on gadgets :

Set the timer on the parental control app. You can schedule the hours to be spent on each application of your kid’s device. Once the time for accessing application is finished, it automatically shuts the mobile screen.

  • Allows more time in other fruitful activities:

When every piece of information is available on the internet, it restricts your child’s thinking ability. With the help of parental Control, block unwanted apps which are eating your kids productive hours.

You can encourage your teen for other activities such as sports, music, painting, and many more. They can hang out with friends and share valuable life skills. Engaging kids in different affairs divert their mind and brings out hidden skills.

  • Protects from misguiding contents:


It is rightly said, ‘curiosity kills the cat,’ which means when a kid is exposed to the net world, there are high chances of threats like cyberbullying and cyber crimes. Parental control app enables you to reduce such dangers.

It allows you to stop the installation of new apps to shelter your kids from distracting websites and focusing on other work as well.

  • Forbid the use of cellphones in tech-free zones like dining table:


At least make one corner of the house  ‘tech-free zone’ where no gadgets are allowed. Say, for instance, when the family sits together for meals, provide space for interaction, and let your child share his routine.

  • Deactivate notifications:

Unnoticeably, your kid is getting swayed with cell phone vibrations. Smartphone notifications will take at least half an hour, scrolling down the latest news feed.

Disabling the notifications will not tempt your kid to check the mobile. If something important is going to miss out, start with turning off the sound.

Once you are aware of the solution for cell phone addiction, your next step is to choose the best one in the market.- The Bit Guardian Parental Control App.

Hey, What is Bit Guardian Parental Control?


Bit Guardian Parental Control app is a one-stop solution to take away all your worries, and you can manage your kid digitally from a single place. It is built on the Android platform to serve simultaneously to parents and kids.

This software has distinctive user-friendly features to secure your child. Few of the very important characteristics of Bit Guardian Parental Control are:

Panic and SOS Alert: It sends alert in your device when your kid is in danger.

Time Schedule: It organizes the time to use every application.

Anti – Theft: If the device is lost, this feature can help in finding it with the GPS facility.

Build the bridge before cell phone addiction turns into nomophobia. Bit Guardian Parental Control is your key to reduce cell phone addiction and protect your kids from uncensored web content. Share good habits and stay relieved.

Browse the Google Play store for Bit Guardian Parental Control app and download it for free. Give a try today! 

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