Tricks To Get The Best Price For Your Next Home

Everyone is using the technique of negotiation and bargaining in business but most of us are using this technique with a little practice to get more advantage. Bargaining can increase the chances of finding a home for the stuff that is no longer of use at high prices. We can save money easily because prices of types of stuff, property is not set on stone, we can reduce prices by bargaining. Following tricks should be followed to get the best deal.

Don’t Make The First Offer

Avoid making first offer during the negotiation. Let the seller tell you how much he is offering or how much he is expecting, then make a counter. A Lot of information you can get easily from the number supplied by other party, and a strategy to proceed.

 Do Your Research

Do your research, and learn as much as you can about the item or property you want to buy. For example, if you see an advertisement “Dubai Downtown Apartments for sale“, instead of contacting seller directly, gather information about that property, learn about the prices of apartments in downtown on other websites and from other sellers, check about the location of an apartment as location is one of the main factors of increase and decrease in property. Contact seller after completion of your research with confidence.


Make a good conversation with seller, by sharing your experiences and habits that are in common. Discussion of common things and creating a humour talk can make a good relationship. This type of conversation delivers a positive image and seller will think that you are down to earth, a good person and make a sweet deal with you.

 Set Standards

You need to set proper standards for your deal in your mind. Don’t be disappointed and afraid if the final offer is not in your favour. Exchanger your number with the seller so later he can contact you, if he will change his /her mind and give you an offer that is acceptable to you.

 Show Hesitation

Don’t show your seller that their offer is perfect for you. I you want to buy an apartment and the price is in your budget range and condition of apartment is acceptable, still look at the flaws in the apartment to get best deal. When you show satisfaction to seller, this might reduce the chances of best deal as he will increase the price.

 Use Silence

Be silent during conversation with seller, this is awkward but use short words in front of seller. your silence will compel him to think that you are not interested and he will give extraordinary offers to attract you.

Shake On It

After buying, end with the good conversation with seller to create a positive feeling on both sides about deal and good relation for future transactions.

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