What Things to Expect Commonly in a Rental Agreement Within Hong Kong?


Generally, a rental deal for a Hong Kong apartment for rent by owner will definitely comprise of two years. Either tenant or even proprietor may finish the lease by providing two months notification (without incurring any penalty). That actually involves an apartment or condo lease. It further suggests that your lease document could be short or it might feature blocks and blocks of text just like a newspaper.

Ensure to inspect that there’s certainly not a provision that makes you in charge of damage to the apartment or condo and/or home furniture– an extremely popular condition that may not be in your favour and meticulous landlords could try to sneak in.

What documentations are actually required?

You would require a passport, deal, a letter of employment and, a national ID proving that you are a national from Hong Kong. All these are prerequisite things needed in case of opting for a Hong Kong apartment for rent.

Anything else that needs to be clear with?

One point to be familiar with is if a residential or commercial property is under mortgage, then the property owner needs to possess permission from a finance company to be capable of renting the property out to residents. If that consent is not available, it can consequently lead to default on the owner’s mortgage loan settlement, and even the bank is within its rights to instantly make you leave the residential or commercial property.

Such approval sets back the landlord on home mortgage payments, and therefore this can be troublesome to deal with. Regarding charges, if you lease Hong Kong apartment for rent by owner through an agent or broker, the commission charged is usually around one month’s lease. This is split every bit between the lessee and the proprietor.

It’s typical to pay out two months lease as a down payment, with a month in advance—and hence to relocate will certainly cost you three months lease. Government charges and administration fees are usually covered within the lease. All of this is mentioned when the signing of the lease takes place related to Hong Kong apartment for rent, and that is split in between property owner and resident.

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