Future Of IKEA And Ace After Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai’s biggest event of the decade is around the corner and the world is preparing to join. With almost 25 million visitors, Dubai expo 2020 is going to hit the market with huge plans and projects disclosure. It’s a right for every person to be able to join the expo. Because it’s going to be an open event for the world, there will be an equal and a tiny chance to occupy the spot for everyone except the exclusive and VIP invites. June 2020 will be the most important month for Dubai and its economy. Either the expo is going to be a big hit and prove to turn the economy into a giant or it’s going to be a flop fluke that results in the economic disaster. Either way, the risk has to be taken because history shows us a positive image of such events held by Dubai.

IKEA Store

The world’s renowned private company IKEA is going to open its second store in Dubai. A 30,000 sqm IKEA store is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019. They say, they were waiting to have an area near Dubai and with a potential market. Now they have managed to acquire a space near Abu Dhabi – Dubai highway which is going to be a new hub of communities and population will increase by the time 2020 expo ends.

ACE Hardware

Al-Futtaim development is bringing the first and the biggest outlet of Ace hardware to Dubai. The outlet is located inside the Festival plaza by Al-Futtaim and Jebel Ali development. The store includes a café restaurant and garden with modern flowers and techniques for people to learn how to take care of them.

Festival Plaza

The Festival Plaza is a mall that is built by Al-Futtaim and Jebel Ali development companies. They have the premium location at the highway from Dubai to Abu-Dhabi. The plaza has many restaurants, more than 100 retail units, play area, and much more. This is going to boost the economy of Dubai and the business of both IKEA and ACE Hardware company. The plaza is near to the residential communities like Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina, and travelers to Abu Dhabi. So, if you are planning to put your Dubai Marina apartments for sale, drop it immediately if you don’t want to regret the decision in the future.


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