How Athletes Should Have Healthy Breakfast?

Unfortunately, some athletes still don’t know how to ensure good eating habits. Some of them still drink soda, smoke cigarettes and eat a large amount of candy. Although they may burn much of the calories obtained from these foods, they could still miss out some of the essential substances obtained from fresh produce and fruits. In general, athletes should ensure that they have dietary habit that makes sense. Good dietary habit could allow them to be clear-headed, stronger and energetic. In fact, with good eating habits, many athletes actually don’t need so many supplements.

Many athletes can significantly improve their conditions by changing their dietary habits. It all starts with breakfast and it is likely that athletes can achieve so many better things by having quality breakfast. The most common option for breakfast is baked goods, cereals and plenty of sugar. We also often drink some coffee. Another bad habit among some athletes is that they don’t have breakfast at all. This will result in reduced performance, one thing that we need to avoid. Athletes who want to have good breakfast should avoid sugary foods and they need to add more fruits and vegetables into their breakfast.

How Athletes Should Have Healthy Breakfast

Good consumption of breakfast won’t significantly increase our blood sugar. Athletes should carefully check their blood sugar to make sure that they have proper physical activity. In general, sugar should be able to fuel our routine athletic activities. We should have moderate blood sugar level at all time to ensure stable energy level and improved mood. Adrenal response could also be better if we have proper blood sugar level. Athletes who consume a large quantity of simple carbohydrate during breakfast could have sharp spike in blood sugar, which can be reduced during practice sessions and the actual games.

People who have low blood sugar level can start to experience some of the effects. Because athletes are physically active, low blood sugar level could bring some of the unintended results. As an example, they could have tunnel vision or feeling light headed. They heart could start to beat audibly and their legs may tremble. This is something that we need to avoid. During breakfast, it is important for athletes to choose complex carbohydrate that is processed slowly in their digestion system. This will sustain them for a long period of time. Whole grain baked products, seeds and nuts contain some of the complex carbohydrates we need.

Very sugary foods can be consumed only if athletes are expecting a physically stressful event in the next one hour or so. This will give our body the needed boost of energy. However, there should still be enough consumption of complex carbohydrate if the physical activity will extend for a period of time. Athletes should have proper balanced diet that includes good fat, protein and complex carbohydrate. This will ensure athletes to have improved overall performance, something that they need to have. The intake of coffee should also be limited during breakfast.

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