How Students Can Maintain Balanced Physical, Mental and Intellectual Condition?

Sleep is an important part of our daily routine and sleep deprivation can be detrimental to students’ performance at the college. There’s a part of our brain that controls our sleep pattern. A disruption will cause multiple problems and we should try to avoid it. If we want to stay awake longer during the day, it is important for us to sleep at proper time at night. Our brain refreshes itself during sleep and this is something that students need to obtain. By having a refreshed mind and body in the morning, students will be ready to grasp new information and lessons fo the day. People with sleep deprivation are likely to have reduced memory performance. Age is an essential factor to memory performance, so students shouldn’t waste their young age by getting reduced intellectual performance.

How Students Can Maintain Balanced Physical, Mental and Intellectual Condition

Students will also need to perform exercise to boost their intellectual capability. Our body needs proper exercise to stay healthy. It has been shown that students that exercise at least four times each week have better memory performance. Exercise can be performed during the afternoon, after classrooms are concluded. When we exercise our brain obtains fresh oxygen and nutrients; allowing the repair process to perform more smoothly. In fact, brain functions could lessen when we cease our exercise. The learning process is often associated with sitting hours in the classroom and in many cases, that’s what we do. So we need to counterbalance the sedentary activities by having proper exercise schedule.

Our brain gets oxygen and nutrients from bloodstream. So, if we have poor exercise routines; it is quite likely that we will perform with reduced intellectual capacity. For students, the benefit of exercise isn’t only for their physical condition; but also their brain. Active students have reduced chances of having diabetes later in life. They could also control appetite; while strengthening bones and muscles. Students who exercise regularly are less prone to depression and other mental issues. In fact, our brain craves exercise; but we restrain our body from doing exercises; because we are focused too much on various sedentary activities. Brain is a very complex organ and it is essential for our performance in schools and colleges.

Students should focus on improving their thinking abilities. Many celebrated athletes actually have good intellectual abilities. In fact, it has been shown that people who survive in the highly competitive modern life; isn’t those with the biggest muscles; but those who have the strongest mental and intellectual capabilities. Humans have evolved to become intellectual beings. Although we need to focus on our physical health; we should also need to improve our mental and intellectual conditions. A smart student who becomes stressed over an examination may not perform well, because he has mental problem that needs to be addressed. In this case, students should try to find a balance between mental, intellectual and physical conditions. This is the only thing to ensure that we can perform well in the long run. We shouldn’t be too concerned with all the details; many things can be achieved with healthy brain and body.

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