Top 5 Places to Go On Surfing in India

When it comes to beach destinations, people need to realize that Goa is not the beginning of the end of beach destinations in India. Depending on your theme of travel and what you are looking forward to from your trip, you need to plan where to go accordingly. This article talks about the top places to go surfing in India and Goa is not included.

Looking for the perfect place to flaunt that beach body you have been working to achieve all summer? Where better to do it than on a beach? India, lying close to the sea, has numerous beach destinations, with Goa being the most popular choice of destination. However, today, we talk about surfing, and mentioned below are the top places where you can enjoy surfing in the sea!

Kovalam Beach

Maybe the most well-known surfing destination of India, the Kovalam Beach is an exceedingly open and reasonable area for surfing in India. It is just 20 minutes from Trivandrum via roads. You can also catch the Trivandrum to Bangalore flights to make your way out of the city. It has shoddy inns and one can lease a surf load up once in a while as well. There is a prevalent club of surfers called Kovalam Surfers Club which surfs close to the celebrated internationally beacon.


Gokarna is rapidly picking up pace in getting known as a noteworthy joint and spot for surfing in India for youths. There are modest inns and outdoors accessible as well. Obviously, the spot is honored with astounding perspectives, coconut trees noiselessly influencing out of sight and cool winds. It’s a decent surfing spot with numerous shore breaks to be dealt with.

Ten Thousand Peaks

Ten Thousand Peaks is situated in Maravanthe which is a little beach town close Kundapur, Karnataka. Mangalore airport is the nearest airport while Kundapur is the nearest railway station. The beach is broadly thought to be a standout amongst the most wonderful beaches of Karnataka. It spreads more than 6 km which make a prospect for a wide range of waves for surfing. Surfing has not been truly noticeable here. Consequently, one can’t discover surfing challenges and clubs here.

Shore Temple

This place is said to be Mahabalipuram’s best kept mystery. Where the eminence and glory of Shore Temple closes, begins a confusion of waves plunging the sand and shakes. The stones have ended up being valuable breaks for making perfect waves. Mahabalipuram is very much associated with means of transports and the nearest airport is in Chennai.

Varkala Beach

God’s own country makes another entry into the ist with the Varkala Beach! Varkala has great beach best suitable for surfing. It likewise has a surf resort called Soul & Surf which exceptionally takes into account the need for those desire to be lost in the surrealism of the shorelines. There are surfboards for rent for the body and yoga for the spirit!

So there you have it, the best places to flaunt that beach body and work those surfing skills you have. Keep in mind that you need be vigilant and alert at all times while surfing. Safety first!


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